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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Get A House

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Get A House
It doesn’t take long before you have to much loot to carry and nowhere to sell, use this Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Get A House guide to get your own place up and running within hours of starting the game. If you used our beginners guide you should already know the methods of earning easy money at the start of the game. Simply gather as many herbs as possible, craft into potions, sell and repeat. Do this while your questing in Whiterun and it doesn’t take long to earn the money.

Once you’ve collected 5,000 gold, head to Dragons Reach and speak with the assistant, he’s usually sitting down eating so check there and next to the throne. You must have been granted Thane status before you’re able to purchase property so you’ll have to go that far into the story at least.

You can purchase extra furniture and fittings for your house from the same person, use the book guide in your inventory to see what packages unlock what items in your house. You can also use the Companion Lydia to guard your house, just to be safe.

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    1. In order to Marry after you get the amulet, you must find npc’s (either gender) that you can do a quest for. It usually takes 1 quest and after you’re given the option to tell them you’re interested. It’s best if you do have your own home, that way you and your lover and sleep in the bed to gain a daily bonus of (12%?) increase to talents learned. I’m not too sure the exact details on the effect, though I did just have a gay marriage in the game. Whoo! Now I gotta buy a home

  1. Anyone know of another house. I remberibg asking a Jarll and he said I had to do a mission to gain his trust but I’m not shur which mission I need to do. I married the red head in whiterun ( little street vendor area) that asks you to find a mammoth tusk. She will sell to you at home afterwards and give you a hundred gold a day. Pretty nice when your doing the easy gold guide/ blacksmith/enchanting.

  2. You were right Captain Camper. The Jarl gives you a quest the Mad Man Who Cried Wolf, cave, dead nords, necromancsrs, queen lady has you drop off a horn at thalos shrine, buy a house, and do two or three side quest to be known by the people of solitude. Your thane. House cost 25K and decor cost 11K. It’s called proudspire manor. It’s sweet. Has manic and you can put apparel on and plaques to show off weapons. It could use a few chests on first floor though.

  3. hello! i boght the house and i cant find it and its not on the map i have walked around and checked every house in the area but nope cant find it also looked outside the town

    1. It’s the second building on the right as you enter Whiterun, it’s next door to Warmaidens , which is the first blacksmith you see as you enter Whiterun.

  4. if you have the strategy guide for this game it gives you names, locations and all sorts of stuff for more houses. there are 5 other ones available to purchase

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