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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Kill Dragons

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Kill Dragons
Dragon Slaying is one of the best aspects of Skyrim, our Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Kill Dragons guide gives you some basic information and tips that can help you get through all the random Dragon Fights.

Dragons are very easy to kill if you’re at your best, if you’ve ran out of potions when you come across one, or have no soul gems to refill your enchantments, it becomes really difficult to kill the Dragons early on. In short, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared for anything every time you go anywhere. You need to be self sufficient so make sure you have items that recharge mana and healing spells, these two combined with whatever play style you choose it becomes almost impossible to die but to kill the Dragon, you need to be good with a bow.

Level Range as much as possible early on, any opportunity for a stealth bow shot, take it. The quick kills and easy exp can get your archery high in no time. You can check our How To Level Fast guide for other methods. Make sure you have an Enchanted Bow, they’re easy to come across in the first couple of towns so make sure its charged at all times. Getting Azeura’s Star can really help, check out our Tips Guide for her location.

You’re then set to kill a dragon. The majority of the Dragon Encounters are randoms, you can tell by the name of the dragon like “Dragon” and “Blood Dragon”, and can vary in a few way such as ice and fire. Having a few fire and ice resist potions can make it a lot easier to stay up if things go wrong. At the beginning the key to defeating dragons easily is looking for support, they’re fickle beasts and lose attention very quickly. They’ll attack anything moving, Horses, People, Giants, Wolves etc. Just go near anything you want to help you and make sure the dragons breath hits it, that usually changes the targets aggression to the dragon. While the Dragon is occupied, hit it with as many arrows as possible. If you get low on HP for any reason, switch to double-cast heal and run around until you’re back to full. Repeat until the Dragon dies. They’re especially easy to kill if you can get Guards involved as they can take a real beating off the Dragon.

If you’re struggling to get a Dragons attention as he flies aimlessly around your head taunting you with his escaping Dragon Soul, summon a Flame Atronach. It can attack him from the ground, can’t take much damage but it initiates the fight almost every time. If that doesn’t work, using Relentless force shout will force a hovering Dragon to land.

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