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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Prophet Quest Guide


The new Vampire Lord is a tantalizing offer that the new DLC of Skyrim called Dawnguard Offers. However if you want to stick to your werewolf form, or just don’t want to become a Vampire. this guide will help you on your journeys. If you choose to fight the vampires of Skyrim use this guide that goes through the Prophet quest line.

Prophet Quest Guide

After Refusing the Vampire Lord he will banish you outside the castle. There will be a boat in front of you that will take you to Icewater Jetty. Hit the boat and you will be returned back to the main land of Skyrim. From here you can fast travel back to Fort Dawnguard. For me I had to zoom the map all the way out and I could barely see the point but you should be able to catch the corner of the waypoint to fast travel.

Make your way back up towards the castle. Get a weapon ready because as you get closer to the castle you will be greeted by a Master Vampire and a Vampire Mistwalker. Isran and a couple of others will help you in the battle but it is best to be prepared. Dispose of these two enemies and Isran will tell you his troubles. After the conversation he will give you the next two parts of the quest. Start forming a small squad of strong allies to deal with the vampires of Serana’s Family.

Getting the Band Back Together

“I’ve told Isran what I learned at the vampire castle. Isran has asked me to find Sorine jurard and Gunmar, and bring them to him.”

  • Recruit Sorine Jurard
  • Recruit Gunmar
  • Help Gunmar Defeat the Bear

Recruit Sorine Jurard
If you have the fast travel point for Karthwasten that is a good place to start. Unfortunately for me, and for the guide I will be starting at Haafingar Stormcloak Camp. Either way fast travel to the closest point that you can to the quest marker on the map and start hoofin’ it. After I got to Dragon Bridge it was a pretty rocky slope but easy enough to navigate through, especially on a horse.

You will meet Sorine Jurard in a nice spot by two waterfalls. She will talk about how her and Isran had a falling out. After convincing her there is a problem with vampires she needs one Dwarven Gyro before she leaves. You can find these at any of the dwarven mines. Heck you might just have one on you from your travels or find one in a shop that you have sold to in the past. I was able to persuade her to forget that nonsense and to move on and the fort. I have a feeling it doesn’t take much to persuade her because I did not have a very strong speech level. After you persuade her, or bring her a Dwarven Gyro, she says she will meet you at Fort Dawnguard. That’s one down and Gunmar to go.

Recruit Gunmar Guide
Skyrim_Dawnguard_Screenshots_13389551029228-300x168Gunmar is just outside the Broken Limb Camp. The quest mentioned he might be roaming around to tame other beasts so he may be in a different location for different players. I tried reloading and checking different characters, but this should be the right location. Check out the world map and locate the quest marker. Fast travel to the closest location to be on your way.

I found Gunmar crouched behind a rock. He talks about his suspicion in Isran. He will join you, but first you have to go into the cave right next to where he is located called Cronvangr Cave. A bear has been killing people and it is Gunmar’s duty to make sure that no more die.

The cave opens up into a Spider’s Den. They are pretty weak but there is three spiders. Take them out one by one and Gunmar will help. You can search the bodies to get some Frostbite Venom for potions.

Continue down to a corridor that is filled with spider webs. There will be two Frostbite Spiders as you exit the hallway and a bridge that you can walk across. Look down from this point and you will see a bunch of Frostbite Spiders crawling around. If you have a strong bow this part is very easy to stay hidden and kill them all off quickly. If not there are only like 5 or 6 of them so just be careful if your diving in head first. Continue down the walkway and there will be an opening with 2 torches. Before heading in jump into the water and there is a chest with some goodies in it below. Going through the doorway loads you into an area called Cronvangr Broodlair.

Move your way through the corridor, but be very careful. There is at least two spots that have Frostbite Spiders guarding the path. Moving forward, the bear that Gunmar is so fascinated with is in the middle of the room. Before you run into the middle of the room though there is a Giant Frostbite Spider hanging from the wall that wants to eat your face. Take them both out and talk to Gunmar. He will tell you to meet him at Fort Dawnguard.

“I’ve found the people Isran said we’d need to fight Harkon and his vampires. Now I should return to Isran and help him formulate a plan of attack.

  • Return to Isran

Now that you have taken care of the two people you need to recruit you can leave the cave and head back to Fort Dawnguard. Run up the now familiar path to get to the Fort’s Gates. When you walk in the door Isran will be all pissy about you if you were turned into a vampire before the Dawnguard DLC. This will give you a chance to get the quest to cure yourself of vampirism. For those of you who are already not a vampire just skip ahead of the Rising at Dawn Mission Guide. If you do need to cure vampirism you can check out our guide on the Rising at Dawn Side Quest.

The Big Surprise

“When i returned to Fort Dawnguard, Isran told me that he needed to speak to me, and he asked me to follow him.”

  • Follow Isran

If you’re returning after curing vampirism or if you were not a vampire before this is the start of the new quest for both. Isran sounds all intimidating and tells you that he needs you to speak to a vampire that showed up looking for you. Head up the staircase to start the follow sequence. He will lead you to Serana, the vampire you saved in the past.

“When I returned to Fort Dawnguard, I was surprised to learn that Serana had come to the base searching for me. She claimed to have something urgent she needed to tell me.”

  • Speak to Serana
  • Speak to Isran

Serana will tell you about herself and the Elder Scroll she was buried with. Her father became more evil after learning of a prophecy about vampires being able to control the sun. Serana was sealed away with the scroll because she was trying to stop her father from controlling the sun.

After speaking with Serana you will be asked to speak to Isran. He will let Serana stay but only as an asset to the Dawnguard. Serana then suggests that you find someone to read the Elder Scroll she brought with her. Get some more information from her and then head out on the next part of the quest.

Finding a Moth Priest

“Serana told me that her father was trying to gain power over the sun by fulfilling a prophecy found in the Elder Scrolls. Only a Moth Priest can read an Elder Scroll, so we’ve set out to find one.”

  • (Optional) Visit the College of Winterhold to ask about the Moth Priest
  • (Optional) Ask innkeepers in cities about the Moth Priest
  • (Optional) Ask carriage drivers about the Moth Priest
  • Locate a Moth Priest

College_of_winterhold_map-300x206Speak to Serana to add her as a follower. There is also a side miscellaneous quest that are pretty easy to complete. Check out our Hide Seek Quest Guide and our Ancient Technology Quest guide if you would like to look at that quest more. You can, if you would like to, skip the optional parts of the quest and head for the Dragon Bridge. If you ask around the town and Dragon Bridge you can get information to move on. For me I kind of like doing the optional parts of quests so here is a little bit of info if you want to do the College of Winterhold option.

You can do any of the optional steps, but I just like the scenery there. Step outside Fort Dawnguard and head that way via fast travel. Head into the college and follow the marker to take you to Urag gra-Shub. He tells you to head to the Dragon Bridge. See, kind of useless, but again I love the scenery at the College of Winterhold. Plus it is a good place to pick up some more magic skills if you would like.

“Serana told me that her father was trying to gain power over the sun by fulfilling a prophecy found in the Elder scrolls. We’ve set out to find a moth Priest who can read Serana’s Elder Scroll, and the trail has led us to Dragon Bridge.

  • Ask people in Dragon Bridge if they saw the Moth Priest.

Dragon_Bridge_View-300x168Fast travel or head over to Dragon Bridge. Ask around town to the different villagers. The easiest way to get information is usually from a guard or soldier though. I ran over to an Imperial Soldier and he told me that he saw a Moth Priest head south across the bridge. Head south and cross the bridge.

“Serana and I are one step behind the Moth Priest. We journeyed to Dragon Bridge and learned that he had passed through the town heading south across the bridge.”

  • Search Along the road south of Dragon Bridge

Head south of Dragon Bridge crossing the bridge. After a couple 100 ft there will be a caravan tipped over. You will then be asked to search the scene of the crash. One of the dead bodies will be a vampire. Loot his body and you will find a note. Then a notice will pop up to, you guessed it, read the note. The note says that the vampires are holding the Moth Priest in a location to keep him safe. A vampire named Malkus wants to break his will to gain information from him.

Rescuing a Moth Priest

“Harkon’s vampire agents have captured the Moth Priest and taken him to a place called Forebears’ Holdout. I must rescue him before the vampires can break his will.”

  • Rescue the Moth Priest

Thankfully the vampire minions are pretty dumb. Forebears’ Holdout, the place they took the Moth Priest, is very close by and can be run to in literally 30 seconds. Who hijacks a person and then walks 30 seconds over to a hideout? Anyway, head over to the cave that is just west of the caravan and head inside.

Directly to the left as soon as you go down a moss covered hallway is two death hounds. Try to take them out quietly so they don’t wake up the Holdout. Cross the bridge that one of the death hounds was on and stick to the wall. This will take you to a opening in the small castle inside this holdout.

While inside you will see a huge fire. There are a couple of vampires in this area guarding the tower. One is on top of the tower and is an archer while another vampire is guarding the walkway forward. After defeating the two vampires you can head up the side stair walkway against the left wall. You can take the stairway across from the giant bonfire, but it leads to a more vulnerable place.

Once on top of the castle there will be three more vampires. One of them is Malkus the head vampire that is trying to break the Moth Priest. If you have a resist magicka potion or a resist shock it would be a good time to pop one. Malkus doesn’t have a whole lot of life but he can do quite a bit of damage if you are not careful.

Once you have taken care of the baddies the next objective is to bring down the barriers that are keeping the moth priest inside his magical cage. Malkus has an item on him called the Weystone Focus. Loot his body and pick up that item. Once you have the Weystone Focus you can head to the left or right to take the stairs up. There is a pedestal up there that needs the Weystone Focus to be dropped into it. Puting the Weystone Focus into the pedestal opens the magical barriers.

“Harkon’s agents captured the Moth Priest and enthralled him”

  • Defeat the enthralled Moth Priest

chrome-2012-07-01-04-49-02-26-300x168Once the barrier is down you would think that the fighting would be over. Think again! The moth priest then comes to attack you. Put him down and he will tell you to stop. Apparently his body was taken over by a vampire curse momentarily and he could not control his actions.

“Harkon’s agents captured the Moth Priest and enthralled him, but I was able to break their hold on his mind.”

  • Speak to the Moth Priest.

Walk on over to the Moth Priest and have a nice chat. You can learn all kinds of things about the Moth Priests, what they do and how they become blind from doing it. If you want to skip all that noise you can just move forward by asking him if he is alright. Then a dialog option will open up that asks for his help with the Elder Scroll. He will be overjoyed to help you and the Dawnguard. He says he will meet you at Fort Dawnguard soon. Leave Forebears’ Holdout so that you can fast travel.

Finishing Up

“I rescued the Moth Priest from his vampire captors and asked him to meet me at Fort Dawnguard. I must return to Isran and tell him of our success.

  • Report your success to Isran.

Fast travel back to Fort Dawnguard so that you can make your way to Isran. He will be waiting for you in the entry hall. Talk to him and he will tell you to go to the Moth Priest.

The moth priest will be right next to Isran. Talk to him and he will read off the Elder Scroll. The first bit of details is that the Moth Priest sees Auriel’s Bow, a powerful weapon. The prophecy then goes on to say “Among the nights children, a dread lord will rise. In an age of strife when dragons return to the realm of men, darkness will mingle with light and the night and the day will be as one.” After reading through the scroll the Moth Priest will tell you that he needs two more scrolls and some rest. This ends the Prophet quest and the Prophet Quest Guide.

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    1. No clue quite yet. Still playing through the main line. I did get another quest after completing the first one so it is possible!

  1. For some reason, the moth priests attacks everyone in the fort and will not ready the elder scroll making the quest unfinishable. I will do anything to fix this besides starting over from the beggining. Please help.

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