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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Stone Location Guide

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Stone Location Guide
Blessed Stones are scattered around the world of Skyrim, all offering unique buffs and effects, this Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Stone Location Guide will list all the Stones we have discovered so far and what effect they will have. You can fast travel to the stones at any time so it’s wise to learn what effects can help you in what situation.

Stone Name: The Lady Stone
Effect: Increase Magic and Health regeneration rate
Location: The Lady Stone is located way South West of Winterun. On your map, scroll South-West over the large mountain range and zoom in, you’ll see a small lake. The Stone is in the middle of that lake.

Stone Name: The Lover Stone
Effect: All skills increase 15% faster
Location: Located to the North-East of Markarth, North of the Kolkskegger Mine

Stone Name: The Guardian Stones
Effect: 3 Stones here, Mage, Warrior and Thief. Each give 20% increase to experience in that particular field.
Location: South-West of Riverwood, South of Whiterun. On the fast Eastern short of the lake

Stone Name: The Ritual Stone
Effect: Raise the dead once per day.
Location: East of Whiterun

Stone Name: The Shadow Stone
Effect: Invisibility for 100 seconds, once a day
Location: South-West of Riften

Stone Name: Atronach Stone
EFfect: Absorb Spell Damage, increase magicka pool
Location: South of Windhelm, South of Browstrewn Crest

Stone Name: Lord Stone – Thanks to Guest Hero Bjorn
Effect: Resistance to physical and magic damage
Location: Middle of mountain range above Whiterun

Stone Name: The Steed Stone
Effect: No movement penalty from armor, increase carry capacity
Location: West of Solitude, North of the Statue of Meridia, Way North on the Coast.

Stone Name: Serpent Stone – Thanks to Guest Hero Trent
Effect: Get a ranged paralyzing poison
Location: East of Winterhold

Stone Name: The Tower Stone – Thanks to Guest Hero Whiplash
Effect: Unlock any expert or lower level lock once per day
Location: Due west of The town of Winterhold. As the crow flies it’s about the same distance from Winterhold as Riverwood is to Whiterun

Feel free to leave the details for any you’ve discovered. I will add it to the article and credit with your name.

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