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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips And Tricks

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips And Tricks
With a game as large as Skyrim, there’s always going to be something you come across or something you’re after that Google doesn’t help with. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips And Tricks will be a collection of various little useful bits of information as well as a question & answers section. Feel free to ask away in comments or leave an answer for another person.

Whenever you go anywhere, whether inside a cave or a house, make sure you check everything. There’s plenty of loot in the world of Skyrim, gold is the key to fast success so making sure to pick up any valuables is a good way to get your started quickly. When you’re grabbing loot, always look at weight and value, an item worth 100 is great unless it weighs 10. High value, low weight, don’t be afraid to drop chunky pieces of armor for more valuable items such as potions.

Making Gold
The easiest way to make gold is looting, obviously. The key items when looting are jewelery, potions, trinkets and armor. Usually you want to avoid any heavy items over 15 in weight unless it has serious value. Alchemy is also a great way to make money, gather every plant, mushroom and butterfly that you can. Make them into potions, don’t use the random setting once you’ve learned a few effects, it will just waste ingredients. Get a shop rotation going, find 2-3 shops close to a fast travel location, us the same shops each time.

You can also check our more in-depth guide of Making Gold Fast

Free Training – Thanks to Guest Hero Shimmy
To train for free you have to use a trainer that can be a companion. There’s a few in the game, check out our companion guide for locations. All you have to do is ask the companion to follow you, and then train with them. Trade or pickpocket your cash back from them straight after.

Experience Boost
Use our Stone Guide and Marriage Guide to get a 27% increase in learning your skills!

Questions & Answers

How To Make Gold Fast
Use our Guide to make extra gold quickly, it’s also a great way of leveling valuable skills.

How do I join the Thieves Guild?
Head to Riften, once inside you’ll be approached by a man. This man will lead you onto the Thieves Guild quest chain.

How do I join the Dark Brotherhood
You need to complete the mission to kill the orphanage head master. Once you’ve killed her, sleep in bed and you’ll be transported to an area by the Dark Brotherhood.

How do I join the Companions
Outside Whiterun during the day, you’ll find 3 people fighting a Giant. Don’t hit any of them during the fight and they’ll ask you to join.

How to get Azuera’s Star
Simply complete her mission to get the infamous star. The easiest way to find her is to go to Riverwood and speak to the bar tender about rumors. Eventually he will disclose the location of the shrine. The mission itself is fairly straight forward, the end fight can be a bit of a pain but if you’ve got decent range/magic, you shouldn’t have many problems. You may want to avoid handing the star in to the Daedric Goddess as if you hand it in to the other NPC, you get a permanent Black Soul Gem, all human souls are Grand so this makes recharging etc very simple.

How do I make Dragon Armor?
Once you have all the require levels in Smithing, all you have to do is get the ingredients. To gather the required Dragon ingredients, follow our guide on The Dragon Shouts to locate the various Dragon Shrines with shouts. These are usually guarded by Dragons.

How do I collect Dragon Souls?
As above, use our Dragon Shouts guide to locate the Dragon Shrines for the quickest way to accumulate Dragon Souls

How do I get a House?
Houses can be bought in most major cities, if you’ve yet to get your first house heck out our guide on getting a house really easily.

How do I get a Horse
Look at our >guide to get your first Horse in no time at all

Where can I find Master Trainers?
Trainers are all over Skyrim, use our Trainer guide to locate trainers for each skill, ranks are included.

Feel free to leave a question in comments and we’ll add it in!

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  1. he dude

    please tell me where can i buy some decent destruction spells i’m still using Flames dual casting though but i wish for something and my magicka is 270 im lv 19
    ( i spammed Muffle illusion is 91 now)

    1. You can buy spells from many locations. Go to the enchanter guy in Whiterun, Dragons Reach he sells a fair few. Then go to Winterhold and to the college, plenty of spells available in there.

        1. Destruction isn’t something I’ve leveled much in so not sure of any quick leveling tips, you’ll want to get the Rune spells though. Helpful spell to get rid of grouped enemies 😀

  2. Any idea how to get a town to not hate you? I accidentally hit a guard while trying to help a city fight off a dragon, now I can’t come near the city to pay dues or anything without being attacked. :/

  3. For those who seek to fight Mammoths or Giants early on (Roughly level 1-5 range) An easy way to defeat them is to find a large rock or cliff to run around. With superior speed, you can easily cast magic or shoot arrows at a safe distance away from your enemies as they try to run around the obstacles you lay before them. Most likely not suffering damage if you master this technique. Your companions also make a good distraction to heal if you’ve acquired any before facing them.

    1. Another easy way to fight them is If you go to the farm just outside of whiterun after pissing off either a giant or mammoth from the nearby camp you can keep vaulting the fence or hide in the mill while peppering them with arrows or spells

  4. A real easy way to make money is doing mercenary jobs. Just talk to any innkeeper, most can be asked about work.I dont think I’ve done any that got me less than 400-600gp

  5. if you want to level up restoration a lot, then first you have to find the equilibrium.it can be found randomly around skyrim.now equip equilibrium and healing. Now activate both spells at one time.because EQUILIBRIUM drains health turning it to magicka, healing keeps your health up and you get infinite magicka because it turns health. WARNING: if not casted right,you can either end up healing yourself for no reason, or kill yourself.

  6. another way to level up offensive magic or physical skills along with restoration is to buy up a horse attack it using destruction skills or by hitting it with weapons and use healing hands on it then rest to refill magicka fast

  7. Easy alchemy
    There are many alchemy stores in cities in Skyrim, simply go to a store steal all ingredients and then create potions then sell the potions EASY AS

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