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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Guide Collection

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Guide Collection
Take a look at our collection of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guides and Walkthroughs. Below is a list of all the guides Gamers Heroes have for Skyrim. Feel free to leave a comment if you want a guide for a certain part of the game. This will constantly be updated, multiple times a day, with new and more advanced guides.

Beginner Guides
Character Starter Guide
Basic Crafting Guide
How To Get A House
How To Get A Horse
How To Kill A Dragon
How To Make Gold Fast
How To Get Married
How To Become A Werewolf
Dark Brotherhood Guide
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Level Sneak Fast In Tutorial

Overall Tips
Check out our Tips and Tricks guide for all sorts of useful information

Stone Locations Guide
Use our Stone Locations guide to learn what stones offer what buffs. These can really help increase leveling speed, make you more dangerous in combat, etc.

Information Guides
Companion List – A list of currently discovered Companions that can accompany you on your travels
Treasure Map Guide – Information on currently discovered treasure maps and treasure locations
Trainer Locations – Information on Skill Trainers
Dragon Shouts – Information on obtaining all the Dragon Shout abilities.
Alchemy Locations Guide – Basic information on gathering rare Alchemy ingredients.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Level Fast
This guide will list all the best techniques we’ve found to leveling your skills. Some can be expensive, others can be leveled totally for free without having to leave a room, check it out.

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  1. I know the location of IX if you guys want it on the site. I tried googling it and ended up here, but I found it by myself! GREAT GAME.

    1. Just did that this morning. You have to go all the way to the end where the necromancers are summoning Daedra and you drop a bridge with a lever next to the alter and It’ll lead you to the first cavern, before you dropped in that little pit. I suppose you could try to jump out of the hole if you can’t kill those necros. What I wanna know is if you can actually let them summon that Daedra and get an artifact from it…

    1. I’ve level 40, have hardly explored anywhere yet. I’ve completed all quests in Riverwood and Whiterun, have about 25 in my journal that I’ve got from just following those quest lines, have yet to touch on any other towns properly.

    1. If you are talking about the cave where u reforge the gauldur amulet u use the for the first door you use the pattern on the front of the emerald claw and the second door is the ivory claw.

  2. Captain Camper, I am having trouble with my PC version of Skyrim assigning weapons, spells etc to the Item keys 1-8. I followed the instruction manual proceedure, but it does not work. Overall the Gameplay Controls on Skyrim are not as user friendly as they were in Oblivian.

    Can you help me with this issue.

    1. Assigning keys should work pretty easily. Open your menu (tab) select magic or items. Highlight the item and then press any key 1-8. You should then see the number appear, if that doesn’t work you’re probably better off reporting it as a bug on Steam Forums

  3. I’m stuck on a quest. Shalidors Insight. I got it from the librarian in winterhold college. Not the one to get three books. Anyway I follow the marker and end up at a… Church I guess, behind solitude. I’m supposed to to go threw a locked gate and I don’t have a key. I’ve checked everywhere and even everyone’s pockets. How do I get threw this gate?

    1. When you saved the guy from the web he runs away. when you kill him he leaves a journal. if you read the journal it says “the answer is in the palm of your hand”. If you go into your inventory and rotate the golden claw it will show you the combo for the door on the claws palm. I think its bear, butterfly, owl.

        1. Gauldurs Cave, just across the water from Solitude; There is an ivory claw that has 3 symbols, but I’ve tried all the combinations on the pillars and still no luck. Perhaps i’ve missed something. But still stuck.

          1. wrong puzzle/wrong clue dude.
            the claws gove the combo for the circular rotating locks on special doors,
            the puzzle you are talking about is with the rotating columns with icons on them . look at the walls. they have the combo on them . ( sometimes actually above and behind the column itself)

  4. I think I messed up my mouse. At first I couldn’t look down or up now I can only look down. Tough when you need to see where you are going. Any ideas?

  5. I have a question. Is this a glitch or am I missing something..

    I have been enchanting daggers to level up my skill and make money. But recently, I’ve noticed, as my enchanting skill goes up, the value of the dagger goes down(at least, on the enchanting screen). Here’s an example. Just got banish, so enchanting an iron dagger, with max charges of banish with a petty soul gem. 1718 gold. Then my enchanting level went up, and the next dagger was 1702. Enchanting went up again, it was down to 1696-ish. I haven’t confirmed if this is also true when i sell to the merchants. Can anyone else confirm this, or let me know if i’m missing something.


    1. its not that the enchantment lv increasing is making your enchantments worth less and its not a glitch its the fact that each soul gem has a different value based on the soul trapped inside the lower cost of the gem the lower cost of the weapon

  6. Iv been having trouble to access away into the house of the thiefs guild head guy. iv killed his guard an took the key but don’t know how to get to the second story window to enter the house an kill him for betraying the guil an finishing the quest. Please Helppppp??

    1. At the back of the house, in the garden, the same place the guy patrols. There’s a wooden object that you can shoot with a bow and arrow. If you have the quest highlight in your journal, it should show you on the screen. The object is located next to the gate that’s at the top of the stairs, you can see it from the gate that leads out the back. Simply shoot it and it will release a platform that lets you get inside. Once inside, make sure you search every bookcase 😉

  7. Progressing quite nicely and managed to complete Diplomatic immunity, but how do I get all my gear back? Is there a chest I am able to access and if so where?

  8. Thx for the tip on the lever camp 🙂 but so now iv just done the mission where you uncover who the forsworn are an that there king is in the mine. But my problem is the city guards stop me an won’t take a bribe or let me go an keep attacking me is there a way to make them like me so I can finish all the missions in that city???? Or do I have to get locked up for my charges an go to the mine an brake out????

    1. I’ve not done that bit myself, what level is your speech? Getting to 100 is pretty fast using our fast leveling guide, you can then usually ask Guards to look the other way if the crime isn’t to serious. Other than that, you can try a calming spell, and then trying to bribe them once you can talk to them.

      1. My speech is level 60 but iv calmed the guards an they just keep coming an won’t stop now I got assissains coming from everywhere trying to kill me. Ill try leveling up my speech again an try again. But I’m not sure if it will work. I got tons of missions still to do in markula I think that’s the name of the city with mages doing the excavation. But plz help anyone plzzzzzzzzz.

      2. My speech is level 60 but iv tryed to calm the guards an they just keep coming an won’t stop. I’m try to level up my speech again an try again but I’m not sure if it will work. I think the name of the city is markula I think,its the city with mages doing the excavation. But any help would be appreciated 🙂 might try the diplomatic immunity mission to see if they let me pass hopefully they do.

  9. This website is really helpful thanks! Two questions, 1- I’ve got the amulet of mara and I’ve looked at your guide on how to get married and still I can’t find any1 that its works with? 2- if I’m not mistaken, the side mission where you have to find the forgers fingers to get into the orcs stronghold, I can’t find it even when I go to ‘show on map’please help! Thanks

    1. The list of people you can marry is pretty reliable, there’s one or two on there that people are doubtful over but the rest are fine. I got the amulet straight away on my second character, since then I’ve got to level 35, a number of skills to 100 and completed the thieves guild. The only person that’s acknowledge that I’m wearing the amulet was some dude in a tavern however, I haven’t done hardly any quests outside of the Thieves Guild. Find the person you want to marry, help the Jarl in that town, help anyone else you can find and keep checking back with them to see if they offer any quests. Once you’ve done enough you should be able to talk to them about the amulet.

      1. It also might be worth noting that there are in fact several “Amulet of Mara” in the game. (i found one in a chest) but the ONLY one that will work for getting married is the one you buy from temple priest for 200g.

        1. Oh wow, I didn’t know that. I’ve been wearing one I got off of a dead guy and I didn’t know why it wouldn’t work this whole time. Thanks for the info

          1. This is not true, you need to speak to the guy in Riften about marriage before you can “propose”, meaning you can use any amulet, found or looted.

  10. stuck on shalidors insights, the one where you have to put a weapon in an opening on top of some rocks. It always tells me that i dont have the right weapon, anybody know what kind i need? please help!!

    1. the books are in the same room with a mage who will summon 2 flame Ado-something or other. I was attempting this quest as a vampire and got my butt kicked.

  11. I cannot wait to open Skyrim on Christmas. Just wondering a few questions on the game. Like can you join more than 1 faction? I’d like to do Theive’s guild and Dark Brotherhood. Also, thought of a good -not exactly a glitch- Khajit’s have a see in the dark right? Get Vampirism for an extra 60 seconds.

  12. Hello. I resently got Skyrim two days ago. Im at the mission where u have to sneak into Solitude or w/e and guess what? Delphine keeps attacking me at the “Meet Delhpine at the Stables” part. If ANYONE could help, tht would be really appriceated.

    1. Make sure that you dont have any bounty on your head. U get that from getting into fights with guards and stuff like that. To pay off your bounty go to a guard, do something illegal and pay off the bounty.

  13. hi there im stuck on a side quest to find the forgers fingers for the orcs but the quest does not pop up in my active quests and i have no clue where to start looking for it,may i please recieve some answer

    1. stand at the front gate of the camp.
      go around to the right of it and you will find a cave or something similar close by, can’t remember name, kill everything and look into the chests inside, i think it is infested with conjurors. the fingers are in one of those chests.

  14. I bought the house but cant find it , i know its sily but please can someone else , i walked aroung a lot , i checked am not sure where it is , please help

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