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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Where Is The Quil Of Germination

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Where Is The Quil Of Germination
The Quil Of Germination is a quest object that is an optional objective in the Thieves Guild Quest Line. This Where Is The Quil Of Germination guide will give you a simple map reference picture to find the Quil.

I’ll avoid any spoilers about the quest where possible. This quest offers 2 distinct courses of action, you can simply go and kill the guy guarding the house, or you can go the long-winded more Thief like approach. If you want to go for the stealth style, you’ll need to find the Quil. It’s in a box at the bottom of the lake, the below picture shows the exact location. The box is locked with Expert rating security. Note: The Quill is underwater where the character is standing, not the map marker. It’s East of the Beehives

Quil Of Germination Location

When you attempt to tell the guard at the house that you have cleared his debt, there’s a good chance he will still be hostile. Use a calming spell, will give you enough time to talk to him without having to kill him.

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