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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Word Of Power/Dragon Shouts Guide

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Word Of Power/Dragon Shouts Guide
One of the most exciting new aspects of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the new Dragon Shouts/Word of Power abilities, this guide will list locations of currently found Shouts and any other appropriate information. Please feel free to leave a comment and help us build up this list. If you want to find a Dragon Shout, you can use a non-offensive Dragon Shout in any town and you may get a letter with a quest to get the shout. Alternatively you can speak with Arngeir to see if they’ve discovered any more.

Also, when you first find a shrine, you will get the first word in that Shout, regardless of what location you’re at. This means that the info in the guide may not match your discoveries exactly but it still works to find all 3 words.

Shout: Unrelenting Force – Thanks to Guest Hero Z
Effect: Knock people back a bit and do some damage
Location: Once you arrive in Riverwood go to the Riverwood trader. Talk to him and he will give you a quest to kill some bandits in the mountains. This will send you to Bleak Falls Burrow. Go in there and clear it out. Once you get to the end you should get a chest and see the Word of Power on the wall. Click it to gain the shout. After that a strong enemy will bust out of his casket. Kill him and leave with the shout.
Balance Word Location: Taught by the Greybeards
Push Word Location: Taught by the Greybeards

Shout: Ice Form
Effect: Freezes an opponent solid
Location: College of Winterhold. You need to begin the quest line that makes you apply to the College. Progress through and eventually Tolfdir will give you a quest to help excavate some nearby ruins. It’s a very simple quest and won’t pose much challenge to anyone with average gear. There is a puzzle midway that is a bit tedious, there are 4 pillars with the familiar designs on them. South East once, North-West twice, South-East once, if you get it wrong it will reset. The rest of the quest is simple, once you reach the end you interact with the wall the same way you did during the main quest line.
Flesh Word Location: Dragon Shrine southwest of Azura’s Shrine, past the Sightless Pit.

Shout: Frost Breath
Effect: Fires a ball of ice/blizzard towards your enemies
Frost Word Location: Folgunther Crypt. South East of Solitude, West of the Abandoned Shack used for the Dark Brotherhood. Can explore during the Forbidden Legend quest line.
Chill Word Location: Bonestrewn Crest, North-East of Eldergleam Sanctuary, look for the Dragon icon on your compass.
Freeze Word Location: Skyborn Alter near the Mehrunes Dagon Shrine

Shout: Fire Breath – Thanks to Guest Hero Shadowphoenix
Effect: Cone of Fire
First Word Location: The second companions mission
Fire Word Location: Paarthanax at the top of the mountain, follow Greybeards quest line

Shout: Throw Voice
Effect: Tricks enemies as a diversion
Voice Word Location: Shearpoint North East of Fellglow Keep, way to the North East of Whiterun

Shout: Clear Skies
Effect: Allows you to reach the top of the mountain
Location: Follow Greybeards quest line

Shout: Slow Time
Effect: Freezes time around for a short while
Time Word Location: Korjundund Crypt North East of Shimmerist Cave. During Imperial Legion quest.
Sand Word Location: Hag’s End, during Dark Brotherhood Quest Line

Shout: Marked for Death – Thanks to Guest Hero Cesco
Effect: Weakens opponents armor
Location: Word is found deep in the forsaken cave on the way to Winterhold, not particularly hard, save for the last ancient Nord Cumarcil or something, (cant remember the right name) just make sure you’ve sharpened your swords when you enter
Kill Word: Inside Dark Brotherhood HQ

Shout: Dismay
Effect: Causes Fear effect
Flee Word Location: Way South of Riften , south of the Shadow Stone
Run Word Location: Dead Hags End, during the Mehrunes Razor quest

Shout: Kynes Peace- Thanks to Guest Hero Lucien
Effect: Calm down any animals within a certain range, they stop any attack and don’t run away
Location: Found in Ragnavald

Shout: Whirlwind Speed – Thanks to Guest Hero Saitoshi
Location: Learned with the Greybeards on top of High Rothar. Following the Way of the Voice quest line after slaying the first dragon in Whiterun.

Shout: Elemental Fury
Effect: Increases Attack Speed
Air Word Location: West of Solitude, Statue of Meridia, It’s directly behind you as you face the statue.

Shout: Become Etheral – Thanks to Guest Hero JetBlackJak
Effect: Turns you into a form that cannot harm or be harmed
Fade Word Location: AutumnWatch Tower South-West of Ivarstead

Shout: Storm Call – Thanks to Guest Hero Turkee
Effect: A shout the the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of Skyrim’s lightning.
Location: As you complete Forelhost dungeon, turn right after you have returned to Skyrim.

Shout: Animal Allegiance
Effect: Calls an Animal to aid you
Location: Angarvunde
Location: Ancient’s Ascent
Location: Ysgramor’s Tomb

Shout: Aura Whisper
Effect: Shows nearby living beings
Location: Northwind Summit
Location: Valthume
Location: Volunruud

Shout: Call Dragon
Effect: Summons a Dragon
Location: High Hrothgar

Shout: Call of Valor
Effect: Summons Sovngarde units
Location: Sovngarde

Shout: Dragon Rend
Effect: Forces a Dragon to land
Location: Throat of the World

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