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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Treasure Map Guide

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Treasure Map Guide
As you explore the world of Skyrim you will discover a number of Treasure Maps. These maps show small pictures of certain locations where rare treasure can be found. This Treasure Map Guide will list the location of all the Treasure Maps as well as the location of the hidden treasure. Feel free to leave comments or information about other maps, the more people we have contributing, the quicker we can all find the treasure.

One of the Guest Heroes has been nice enough to add a video compilation for all the Treasure Maps. A video has been added to each map. A big thanks to TheWorldAsunder for providing links to these videos.

Treasure Map I – Thanks to Guest Hero Megamots
Map Location:
Treasure Location: Head directly south of those first few stone you pass by at the beginning of the game. You can take that first road south from those stones until you come to a sign on your right. Take a right at that sign and follow that road until you see the bandit camp on your left after a short walk.

Map II – Special Thanks to Guest Hero TheWorldAsunder
Map Location: Journeyman’s Nook, southeast of Winterhold, in the knapsack between the table and fire. Have to fight a bandit here.
Treasure Location: Near the waterfall on the east side of the Valtheim Towers

Treasure Map III – Thanks to Guest Hero fmfdoc & TheWorldAsunder
Map Location: Riverside shack near Windhelm its on river morgrim..watch out for the cave bear inside the shack. Its by a fort that starts with a M Mov something or other
Treasure Location: Along the coast next to Solitude’s lighthouse.

Treasure Map IV
Map Location: Redorans Retreat, run West from Whiterun to Fort Greymoor, then head North.
Treasure Location: Pelagia Farm outsite Whiterun. Head South-West high up the mountains, on the large map it is just North East of the small blue part as the snow begins.

Map V – Special Thanks to Guest Hero TheWorldAsunder
Map Location: Angi’s Camp (In the mountains south of Falkreath. You’ll need to head east out of Falkreath and just past Pinereach you’ll see a path that goes up the mountains on the south side. Take that and head back west. When you see a branching path with bear traps, you’ve found the right way.) Inside the Cabin, in the end table next to the bed.
Treasure Location: At the waterfalls of Lost Valley Redoubt – just east of Gloomreach.

Treasure Map VI – Special Thanks to Guest Hero TheWorldAsunder
Map Location: On a Dead female Woodelf in the Summit northwest of Volunruud (Volunruud is the ruin that is pretty much in the middle point of the triangle of Dawnstar, Morthal and Whiterun.) You will find a male Wood Elf nearby with a blood trail leading to her.
Treasure Location: Korvanjund. At the top of the arch of the barrow, next to the tree.

Map VII – Special Thanks to Guest Hero TheWorldAsunder
Map Location: The Traitor’s post, inside the chest in the hideout.
Treasure Location: Inside the outer walls of Gallow’s Rock. Just under the rock with the noose hanging from it.

Map VIII – Special Thanks to Guest Hero TheWorldAsunder
Map Location: On a dead hunter nearby some horkers. This is on the coast north/northeast of Winterhold
Treasure Location: Dragonbridge. First – go to a satchel next to a tree across from the bridge. This holds the key to the chest, which is in the river northeast of the bridge. (The map leads to both these spots. However, you can pick the lock on the chest as well.)

Treasure Map IX – Thanks to Guest Hero Jake Gav
Map Location: IX is on the dead body of Lucky L.(not exactly that lucky) A tree fell into his house and killed him so you don’t actually have to kill him yourself. His house is unmarked on the map. I don’t remember the exact location but it’s directly on the water somewhere between Ivarstead and Fort Amol.
Treasure Location: I haven’t found the treasure yet, but I know it’s near Riften in the very bottom-right of the map. Hope I could help

Treasure Map X – Thanks to Guest Hero TheWorldAsunder
Map Location: Stony Creek Cave just south of Windhelm. The Bandit Thug is carrying it.
Treasure Location: An underwater chest just next to the stone of the lady on the lake north of Falkreach

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