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How To Escape The Party Room In Resident Evil 7

How To Escape The Party Room In Resident Evil 7

During your play through of Resident Evil 7 you will come across a puzzle called Escape The Playroom. You are tasked with lighting the birthday candles in the room, easy right? Check out this article to find out How To Escape The Party Room In Resident Evil 7.

How To Escape The Party Room In Resident Evil 7

The game leads you into thinking this is a complicated puzzle, but it really isn’t. That being said, if you didn’t complete the Happy Birthday tape you found in the attic of the Main House, you are going to die. First off grab the candle and run to the cake. He will explain the game and then you can start. Go to the stove and light the candle again. Next, go to the door by the monitors and burn the rope off. Go through the door and the door on the other side will be locked by a password. The Password is loser, use it and open the door. Grab the valve and return to the birthday cake room.

Use the valve on the pipes to shut down the water so you can come back through with a lit candle. Go re light the candle and put it on the birthday cake. It will explode and the guy will freak out because you are supposed to die. What he expects if for you to pull the plug on the keg and let the fuel leak, but you have the password so you didn’t. He will toss a bomb in and you will have to get rid of it. Rip a piece off of the broken wall and toss the bomb in there. Step back a far ways and wait for it to blow. When it does, enter and you can progress in the game.

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