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The Evil Within: Weapon Location Guide

The Evil Within Weapon Location Guide

While playing The Evil Within you need to find every weapon you can to survive the enemy hordes. Some of these weapons can be missed if you aren’t looking good enough. This guide will help you find all the weapons you will need in The Evil Within.

The Evil Within Weapon List

All of the guns can be upgraded with green gel in your safe zone. You can also get grenades and melee weapons. For the melee weapons don’t bother really aiming just swing in their direction and it’ll hit.

Handgun – During Chapter 2 you will sneak up behind a police officer near a tent. Right before you get to him you pick up the handgun. Use it to kill the officer.

Shotgun – You can find the Shotgun in Chapter 3 in the building the Doctor runs into. At the top of the steps there is a bedroom and in that bedroom you can find the shotgun on the bed.

Agony Crossbow – You find this in the room behind the enemy sniper. After you kill him go into the room and don’t go downstairs. If you follow the railing around you will find a chair with the Crossbow on it. You have to do a slight charge with this weapon to get maximum distance. Starts off with normal bolts, explosive bolts and flash bolts,

Chainsaw – You can’t use this as a weapon but it is needed to get through chapter 3. After you the Chainsaw guy breaks out of the barn lure him to the house that the Doctor is hiding in. On the other side of the entryway you can use a switch that activates spikes IN the entrance. Use this to pin down the Chainsaw guy and you can kill him in 4 hits. If he makes it through use the window to escape and lure him back.

Freeze Bolt – You find this after you escape the burning house during Chapter 6. Right after your partner disarms the bomb and you escape the house you can find this at the bottom of the steps. You can freeze your enemies with this bolt. This is actually one of the best weapons on large or boss type enemies. Upgrade this and you can freeze almost any enemy and kill them before they thaw.

Sniper Rifle – You find this after you escape the enemy horde in Chapter 6. After the cut scene where they talk about the Tower you can find this gun in the silver suitcase. This is a bolt-action rifle so try not to get over ran while using it.

Shock Bolt – I don’t remember the chapter but you find this in the graveyard. While you are fighting to two giants you will run into a dead-end. There is a statue you can go underneath and in the center of that you can find the bolt.

Magnum – You find this in Chapter 11. Once you finally enter a building you will go into a room with a karaoke machine. If you look near the rubble and behind the couch in that room you can see a doorway. Take that doorway and the Magnum is in the case inside.

Machine Gun – You get this after you beat the game and go to New Game plus. Cannot be upgraded.

Rocket Launcher – You get this after you beat the game and go to New Game plus. Cannot be upgraded.

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