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The Evil Within: What’s In The Locker?!

The Evil Within: What's In The Locker?!

While you are in your safe zone in The Evil Within you can open lockers in the back if you have keys. Question is which locker should you be wasting your keys on? Check out this guide and find out which locker has what inside!

The Evil Within Locker Contents

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After I reloaded my game five times and opened a ton of different lockers I found out that is based on how many you have opened, not which ones you have opened. I haven’t opened all of them yet so if you’ve made it further than me be sure to leave a comment on what’s inside!

Locker 1 – Shotgun ammo.

Locker 2 – Another key.

Locker 3 – Exp(5000 I am pretty sure).

Locker 4 – Syringe.

Locker 5 – 5000 Exp.

Locker 6 – 5000 Exp.

Locker 7 – 4 Harpoon Bolts.

Locker 8 – 15 Handgun Bullets.

Locker 9 – Exp I Think(I forgot to mark it when I opened it).

Locker 10 – Explosive Bolt x3.

Locker 11 – 5000 Exp.

Locker 12 – 7000 Exp.

Locker 13 – Sniper Rifle Ammo x5.

Locker 14 – Shock Bolt x4.

Locker 15 – 7000 Exp.

The Evil Within Lockers

Locker 16 – Flash Bolt x4.

Locker 17 – Explosive Bolt x3.

Locker 18 – 7000 Exp.

Locker 19 – Explosive Bolts x2.

Locker 20 – Syringe x2.

Locker 21 – 20000 Exp.

Locker 22 – Freeze Bolt x3.

Locker 23 – Shock Bolt x3.

I will be going through the game again soon looking for more keys. Check back soon for updates!

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  1. Not true, as I beat the game on every mode, and already unlocked all lockers I came into a fact that what you
    get by opening any locker “first time” won’t be the same item when you reload the save “if you were looking for specific item” and opened the same locker again it will spawn another random item. If there is something some how can be constant in here ” which I’m not saying it is ” but the fact it has a repetitive pattern of giving same items those will be the upper-center lockers from the right side of the room they mostly spawn [keys] usually 2 keys

    1. I have searched hard and am missing 3 locker keys, I only opened one locker that gave me keys also, is there a site or anything that shows where they are because I am at a loss finding these last three. So irritating, to be on the verge of the trophy

  2. Had 3 keys in hand, saved before opening any. Opened same 3 lockers 4 times using save. Got different items each time.

  3. I found a 15000 green gel and multiple 10000 ones and 5000, they are also not randomized, I have saved and came back over to open the same locker after saving, same thing as first time, this stuff above is BS!! The 15000 was left side, 3rd from left on bottom row!! There is also magnum handgun ammo too!! Just save before u open lockers, then go open, then exit to title screen, then continue, repeat until you get what you need!! They are not randomized in each level, but when you change levels this does apply, I got the 15000 in level 14! First subway save!

  4. The lockers are random so this guide is utter useless!!! I tested out the top left locker on the left wall ten times and got different items every single time lol so I don’t really get the point of this guide lol

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