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Evolve: Hunter Tips And Tricks

Evolve: Hunter Tips And Tricks
The Monsters in Evolve have a huge advantage over the Hunters. Bringing down one of these Beasts will take some skill, communication and a bit of luck. These Hunter tips and tricks will help you bag the monster and survive the fight!

Evolve Hunter Tips And Tricks

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Teamwork Is Key

The only way you beat the Monster is by fighting as a team. This means communication and planning. If you don’t have a microphone don’t just mute other players because they will call out plays and point out the monsters. Remember that sometimes breaking off into two teams of two can help you close the Monster off and force a much needed fight. Be sure to stay close enough that you can help a teammate if they get caught but far enough away that you aren’t clustered and taken out all at once. Supports should support the team with the shield and Medics should heal up when it is needed. You need to play your role and know your role.

Know Your Role

Just playing as a team will not get you the win. When you pick a role be sure that you play it right and know how to play. This mainly means that you will need to support your team as much as possible. The Medic can snipe the Monster when you are not in combat and make a critical hit spot appear on it. On the other hand in the middle of a fight the Medic should be focused on keeping their teammates alive. Trappers should of course be focused on finding the monster and then in a fight keeping it locked down as much as possible. The support should keep a shield up on whoever is getting attack and be dropping in air strikes on the enemy when it is locked down. The assault is kind of a selfish class but you need it for maximum damage so keep it alive. These are just a few examples of what you should be doing.

Don’t Help The Monster

Seems like a no brainer right? There are many ways you can accidentally help the Monster and you might no even know it. Killing all the creatures you come across may be fun but you are also giving the Monster free food. Kill any that are killing your teammates or have buff you need but other than that ignore them. Don’t chase after the monster if your teammates are far behind you. If you are singled out you can be killed without by the monster without you even being able to hit it. One last thing about creatures roaming the area, they will help the Monster if you agro them.

Evolve: Hunter Tips And Tricks

Location Is Key

Where you choose to fight the Monster is also a big part of beating it. If you fight in an acid lake for instance, you will be at a huge disadvantage. Terrain also plays a huge role to the Monster. If the Monster and jump around and hide while in the dome it won’t take as much damage before it escapes. Try to lock them into flat areas with only a few areas it can jump around to. Last but not least be sure to give yourself room. If you get cornered you will get totally beat down by the Monster. You and your team need to stay spread out to minimize the damage done to you.

Stay Calm

When you see the Monster you start to either panic or get excited. If you want to bring down the superior beast you need to have a clam head so you can focus on what needs to be done. Does someone need to be healed? Do you need to be healed? Are the traps down? Does someone need a revive? Are we to bunched up? Should I move to higher ground? There are a ton of things you need to be worrying about during a fight with the entrapped Monster and keeping calm will help you make your decisions.

I’ve just started playing so these are only a few tips and tricks that I’ve come up with so far. If you know a tip or trick to being a Hunter leave a comment below so I can add it and give you credit!

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