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Expeditions Rome Kill Or Spare The Boat Captain Choice

One of the early choices in Expeditions Rome has you choose to kill or spare the Triarchus. Check out this Expeditions Rome kill or spare the boat captain choice guide to find out what happens depending on what you choose. This way you will know if you made the right choice for yourself.

Expeditions Rome Kill Or Spare The Triarchus Choice

This first choice will be a good example of how choices go down the line.

Spare captain
Gaius wants you to spare the captain because know one else can guide a ship. It’s a pretty good point, but you can also make it the rest of the way on your own. If you do spare the captain he will thank you and Gaius will approve. Warmongers will get a little upset, but that is nothing you can’t handle at this point in the game.

The other advantage is a few missions down the line. When you need to take the rebel fort you will need a captain to get through the ships for you. He will do it for free. He will also admit that the pirate attack was caused by him and ask for forgiveness. If you don’t spare him you have to do a direct assault on the enemy fort.

Kill captain
You will still make it home okay and the warmongers will be happy. You will be expected to act that way by some of your allies down the line though. You don’t get any bonuses to killing him outside of making Bestia a little bit more happy.

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