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Extractors Not Working In Fallout 76? This Will Help

Extractors Not Working In Fallout 76 This Will Help
Taken control of a Workshop but the Extractors don’t work? This guide will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get your Extractors working in Fallout 76 so they can farm you materials as you explore and complete quests elsewhere.

When you take control of a Workshop in Fallout 76, you can then place down various Extractor machines that can harvest resources for you. The type of resource depends on the Extractor you place and the locations available, however, simply placing them is not enough.

If you have an Extractor placed but it is not generating materials, you need to power it. Build a generator nearby using the Workshop desk, and then attach wires from your generator to your Extractor machine. You may need to provide 10 units of power so make sure you use a Large Generator.

Once you have powered the Extractor, it will begin moving with an animation and generating resources. Be sure to grab them regularly!

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