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Fairy Tail Bond Guide

Fairy Tail Bond Guide
Bonds play a very important part in the game. This Fairy Tail Bond Guide breaks down the entire system, giving you everything you need to know to nurture the relationships between your strongest characters, making them more powerful, better in combat, and more likely to succeed in a powerful Magic Chain attack.

Once you have unlocked Bonds, they can be viewed on the Status menu on the team screen. Simply select your character and then select the Bonds option. This will open the greater Bonds screen that tells you what relationship level you have with each of your companions.

Fairy Tail Bond Guide

Fairy Tail Bond
Fighting alongside allies, progressing through the story, most activities increase the Bond between characters – although doing high rank Requests is by far the quickest way to increase Bonds. You can also have Link Parties later in the game, allowing you to spend Jewels to increase the Bonds between characters. Each character can have a Bond level of 1, 2 or 3. At level 1, it raises the Magic Chain’s Chain Rate. At level 2, it lowers the MP used for Magic Chains. At the final level, there’s a small chance it will save a failed Magic Chain.

When you are exploring the world make sure you look out for the musical icons. This represents a Bond event. The character you are currently controlling can interact with the character under the musical note, increasing their bond level. At the same time you may notice characters with an image of another character above them. Here you need to switch between characters (using L2/R2) in the field, until you have the appropriate character. Then simply interact with the new character and the Bond will increase.

That’s everything you need to know about Bonds.

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