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Fairy Tail Delicious Candy Locations Guide

Fairy Tail Delicious Candy Locations Guide
Want to know where to find all of the Delicious Candy hidden in barrels? This Fairy Tail Delicious Candy Locations Guide provides maps for each of the areas we’ve explored, with easy to follow markers so you can locate each Delicious Candy as you reach new areas, progressing through the game.

Delicious Candy is one of the rare items that spawn on the ground in fixed locations. Unlike other shiny items on the ground, they do not respawn. Once you have found one in a particular area, you will need to explore other areas to increase how many Delicious Candy you can find. They are nearly always found in barrels that you must inspect, when in close range, in order for the Delicious Candy to be collected. We have a list of each of the maps below.

  • Magnolia – 3 Candy
  • Boundary Forest – 1 Candy
  • Great Plains – 3 Candy
  • Akane Beach – 3 Candy
  • Capital Highway – 3 Candy
  • Tenrou Island – 3 Candy
  • Hankobe Mountain – 3 Candy
  • Mikage Forest – 3 Candy
  • Sacred Mountain Of Zonia – 3 Candy
  • Worth Woodsea – 3 Candy

There are some Delicious Candy barrels hidden behind blocked paths on many of the maps. The game introduces these very early on, you must fight near them and perform abilities to unleash a certain amount of damage. If the damage requirement is met, the blockade is destroyed and you can explore further into that area. However, many of these are not possible when first encountered. Some of the blocked paths required 30,000 or even 100,000 damage to remove, which aren’t numbers you can put out initially. If there is a Delicious Candy in a barrel behind these locations, it’s best to return later in the game when you can put out more damage.

If you’re struggling to break barriers blocking Delicious Candies, check out our guide on how to do 30,000+ damage.

Fairy Tail Delicious Candy Locations Guide

Fairy Tail Sparkling Candy Locations

Toward the latter stages of the game, you can find Sparkling Candy. These serve the same purpose as Delicious Candy, except a single Sparkling Candy is worth 3 Delicious Candy.

  • Great Plains – Destroy 150,000 Barrier
  • Worth Woodsea – Destroy the 150,000 Tree in the North
  • Capital Highway – Destroy the 80,000 Damage Barrier
  • Akane Beach – Destroy the 70,000 Damage Barrier
  • Sacred Mountain Of Zonia – Destroy the 200,000 Barrier
  • Hakobe Mountain – Destroy the 100,000 Barrier

That’s all 50 points for the Delicious Candy locations and the Sparkling Candy.

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