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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Islander’s Almanac Location Guide

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Islander's Almanac Location Guide
Fallout 4 Far Harbor has five Islander’s Almanacs to find in the new DLC area. This Almanacs give you different buffs and recipes that you can only find in the Far Harbor DLC. Come check out this Fallout 4 Far Harbor Islander’s Almanac Location Guide to help you find them all!

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Islander’s Almanac Location Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You also get a trophy/achievement for getting them all.

Fallout 4 Islanders Almanac 1 – You can find this shortly after arriving in Far Harbor. After you help defend the town, go into the Last Plank and talk with Old Longfellow. If you look to the right of him on the table you can see the Islander’s Almanac. Grab it and you will get some new info on your map.

Fallout 4 Islanders Almanac 2 – The second issue can be found in Arcadia. Enter the building and then take the stairs down to the left. When you get into the main area, look right for a bar near the moding station. You can find this issue on the bar there, it reduces radiation attacks by 10%.

Fallout 4 Islanders Almanac 3 – The third can be found in the National Park Visitor’s Center, which is north-west of Cliff’s Edge Hotel. Enter the building and on the counter in the Gift Shop area you can find another Magazine. This will unlock Sludge Based Recipes at the workstation.

Fallout 4 Islanders Almanac 4 – The next one is at the Northwood Ridge Quarry which can be found a little ways north of Brooke’s Head Lighthouse. When you get to the quarry you will see a large wooden building that is the home of the trappers. Clear the area out and follow the path past the wooden building to some wooden spike barricade things. Look down in the water and jump, to the right there will be a door leading into the rocks. A turret will shoot you from there and there is a sign that says watch out for falling rocks. Inside there will be a small encampment of Trappers waiting. Clear them out and then take the stairs up into the room with the bed. At the end of the bed you can find the book on the table. This one gives you increased defenses against Mirelurks.

Fallout 4 Islanders Almanac 5 – The last one is at the Brooke’s Head Lighthouse and Trappers have taken it over. Fight your way to the top of the Light House and kill the leader at the top. You will see a cooking stove with a table next to it. You can find your book there.

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