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Fallout New Vegas Companion List And Locations

Fallout New Vegas Companion List And Locations


Those of us braving the Mojave know it’s better when you’re not doing it alone. Follow the Fallout New Vegas companion list and locations guide to make your travels a little more enjoyable. It is also a trophy/achievement to get them all.

First thing to know about the Fallout New Vegas companion system is that you can only have one companion and one robot at a time and must tell one to leave if you want another.

As there is only two robots in Fallout New Vegas we will start with them first.

Ed-E – Inside the town of Primm there will be a Mojave Express Courier. Inside that building is a damaged eyebot called Ed-E. Repair it and it will join you. Science 55, Repair 65 or find all the parts listed to fix Ed-E up and have it roll out with you.

Rex –  Rex is the dog of Fallout New Vegas… Well Robodog found in Freeside at the King’s school of Impersonation. Yeah first thing you noticed about Rex is that his brain is showing and he has some robot parts. Well he is the King’s dog so you have to stay on good terms with ALL the Kings in order to get Rex. After you complete the G.I. Blues quest you can then ask the King about Rex to acquire the quest Nothin but a Hound Dog. Complete it to get Rex on your team.(Don’t forget you can’t have Ed-E and Rex at the same time.)

Alright onto the companions of Fallout New Vegas

CassCass is located at the Mojave outpost. In order to get Cass on your team you have to complete part of the quest Heartache by the number, which is the quest she gives you. Follow the quest to get Cass on your team.

Arcade – Arcade is located in the old Mormon Fort which is in Freeside. You have to have high intelligence or a speech skill of 75 to have Arcade join you when you first see him. If you can’t convince Arcade to join you that way complete Farkas’ mission and the Arcade will join you without those skills.

Boone – Boone is one of the snipers for Novac and can be found in the Dino mouth at night. In order to get Boone to join you, you must complete his quest One for my Baby. Go into the motel lobby and look in the floor safe for the proof you need. Boone will not join if you get the wrong person or don’t have proof. Boone is a crack shot and will most of the time take out a target before you see it.

Lily – Lily is a nightkin which is a form of super mutant and is found in Jacobstown. In Jacobstown you can talk to Dr. Henry who will give you the quest Guess who I saw today. After you get this quest Lily will join if you ask her to.

Raul – Raul is located at Black Mountain. As your doing the quest Crazy, Crazy, Crazy you will most likely come across Raul. He is in the jail at the top of Black Mountain just check the first terminal to get the password for the second one and unlock the door.  Just talk to Raul and he will join you.

Veronica – Veronica is located at the 188th trading post. Veronica stands near the slop and stop shop and is dressed a lot different from everyone else. Talk to Veronica and she will ask you about the Brotherhood of Steel. Reply with a non violent answer towards them and Veronica will join you.

So there you have it all the companions and robots in Fallout New Vegas. I hope this helps you get through the Mojave a little quicker. Good luck and happy hunting.

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