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Fallout New Vegas Legendary Creatures Locations

Fallout New Vegas Legendary Creatures Locationsy In Fallout New Vegas


Throughout the Mojave you encounter many beasts and monsters but there are four legendary creatures in Fallout New Vegas. Its not an achievement/trophy to do this but if your in the mood for a challenge then these will test your skills(assuming your not playing on easy).

Legendary Deathclaw – The first Legendary creature in Fallout New Vegas is the Legendary Deathclaw. It is located in Dead Wind Cavern and is surrounded by tons of Deathclaws making it hard to get to. Once you do get to it you really have to avoid it or else it can 2 shot you. As with all Deathclaws take its legs out so it loses all its speed and you should be able to pick it off. Oh and there is a special grenade machine gun in there called Mercy.

Legendary Cazador – The second Legendary creature in Fallout New Vegas is the Legendary Cazador. Located in Silver Peak Mine. I really hate these things with a passion they are so quick and hard to hit without vats it just makes me mad. This guy isn’t anything special by himself but if you catch him with a crew of Cazadores you’ll be done quick. No special loot here but there a couple of nice things to sell.

Legendary Fire Gecko – The third Legendary creature in Fallout New Vegas is the Legendary Fire Gecko. Located in Fire Root Cavern. Making one of these legendary was questionable. Geckos die really quick with a shot to the head and even be swarmed by about 5 of them I had no problem stomping them all out with my repeater. No special loot here but you can walk away with some hides, meat and eggs for some cash.

Legendary Night Stalker – The last Legendary creature in Fallout New Vegas in the Legendary Night Stalker. Located in Bloodborne Cave. Well we’ve reached the end of the list and I know what you’re thinking. A Night Stalker? Really? Think what you will but this guy doesn’t go down easy and will poison you. One on one you can burn it down quick but get caught by a pack of them and kiss yourself good bye because it will be all over. Kill em all get you blood and eggs for cash and get out.

So there you have it all the Legendary creatures in Fallout New Vegas. Killing them all may not yield anything to show off but if you can take these down know that you can take down anything in the game. Good luck and happy hunting!

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