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Fallout Shelter Side Objective Guide

Fallout Shelter Side Quest Guide
The side objective in Fallout Shelter will get you caps and the occasional Lunchbox. The starter objectives are easy but they quickly get more challenging as you go along. This Fallout Shelter side objective guide will help you beat them all as you come across them!

Fallout Shelter Side Objective Guide

Assign 2 Dwellers In The Right Room – This is one of the first quests you will get and it is pretty easy. You will need to assign a Dweller to the right room. When you get this you should have one that has high Perception and one that has high Agility. Put the Agility Dweller in the Diner and the Perception Dweller in the Water Treatment area to beat this one.

Successfully Rush 1 Room – Just rush a room successfully to beat this quest. You get a lunch box for this one so be sure to complete it!

Level Up One Dweller – After a bit of time you will see “level” pop up above a Dweller’s head. When this happens, click the Dweller to level them up. Another free Lunch box mission.

Collect 50 Food – This one just takes time. If you want it to go quicker then rush the Dinner and upgrade it.

Equip A Dweller With An Outfit – Hopefully you got a outfit from a Lunch box or got a Dweller with something on. If you have an outfit click on a Dweller and put it on them. If you already have one on someone, take it off and put it on someone else to for the extra Lunch box.

Sell One Weapon Or Outfit – I normally sell a BB gun or something weak here just to get it out of the way. Go into you pip boy menu and click the storage tab to sell things. Sell something weak to beat this objective.

Collect 100 Food – Takes time, rush to make it go faster.

Send One Dweller To The Wasteland – Find a Dweller with some endurance and equip them with weapons and armor. Drag them out to the Wasteland and they can explore and find loot. For the quest you just need to send one out there. If you don’t want them to stay just recall them so you don’t lose them.

Deliver 1 Baby Dweller – To do this you will need to get one of your female Dwellers pregnant. Put a male and female in the living quarters and if they are happy enough they will make a baby. Charisma will help speed up this part of the progress. Once the Dweller is pregnant you will have to wait around 4 hours for the kid to be born and to beat the quest.

Collect 100 Power – Another objective that will just take time. Build more power stations or rush the ones you have to speed this up.

Reach 100% Happiness With One Dweller – This one is a bit tricky early one because you don’t have much in the way of entertainment. The best way to do this is to look at your Dwellers and find who has the most Charisma and is close to 100%. Find a Male and Female and put them in the living quarters together and they should dance to increase their happiness, they might even make a baby.

Put Out 3 Vault Fires – You can do this one by rushing areas and hoping a fire occurs. Make sure you have maximum people in the area and equip them with guns in case its Rad Roaches instead.

Fallout Shelter Objective Guide

Collect 100 Water – You know the drill at this point, rush if want to finish it quicker.

Equip 2 Dwellers With Weapons – If you have two weapons you can do this one. Just equip them in two Dweller’s hands, removed them and reequip them if you have to.

Have 6 Baby Dwellers – This one will take quite a bit of time because of how log it takes to have a baby. The quickest way to do this is to get every woman in your vault pregnant at around the same time. This can be tedious but it will help to beast this objective. Be sure to have enough food and water for the new kids when they come out!

Have 5 Male And Female Couples Dance In The Living Quarters – For this one you just need to place a male and female Dweller in the living area and wait. Once they start talking they will eventually dance and then have a baby, if you want another baby. If you don’t want a baby then just drag the Dweller out when they dance and put them back in.

Collect 4 Weapons – You can collect weapons from the Wasteland or from Lunchboxes. The wasteland takes longer but is if free.

Collect 1000 Caps – Another one that just takes time. You can either sell items you don’t use or rush things to make this go by faster.

Raise any SPECIAL Stat Of 7 Dwellers

Raise any SPECIAL Stat Of 7 Dwellers – You will need to have certain rooms build in order to do this. The first one you can get to is the weight room at 24 Dwellers. This takes quite a bit of time to do unless you have multiple rooms and Dwellers going at the same time. I normally have two of the rooms with one Dweller inside, two if I have extra. Just plan on this taking you a few hours minimum. You need to do this to 7 SEPARATE Dwellers.

Send 6 Dwellers To The Wasteland – This one seems tricky but is actually easy. Pick a Dweller and send them out to the Wasteland. Once the objective marker goes up, recall the Dweller and bring them back. Do this over and over with the same Dweller to make this go quick! You also get a Lunchbox for this.

Kill 23 Creatures In The Wasteland – This will just happen as your Dweller travels the Wasteland. Make sure they the Dweller has a strong weapon to deal with any enemies. Should take a little less than an hour or so to get over 20 kills. Also be sure to bring some Medkits and Radaway so they don’t die out there.

Collect 4 Weapons – To collect weapons and outfits you need to get them from the Wasteland or from Lunchboxes.

Collect 5 Outfits – Same as above.

Raise The Perception Of 3 Dwellers – You will need to Weapon Station to do this. I had two Weapon Stations connected to each other, then put 3 Dwellers in and waited for them to get upgraded.

Kill 35 Creatures In The Wasteland – Get the Dweller with the most Endurance and send them out to the Wasteland with your best gun and some Med kits. Doing this one will get you a Lunchbox so be sure to do it!

Level Up 6 Dwellers – Easy, just takes time. Click a Dweller when they level to level them up.

Level The SPECIAL Of 12 Dwellers – I actually DON’T raise my Dweller’s SPECIAL unless I have one of these objectives. If you have already leveled up a Dweller’s SPECIAL before they won’t count for this objective. I normally send my new Dwellers into my SPECIAL rooms when one of these pops up. For 12 I actually built a few new rooms and upgraded them, for the Lunchbox of course.

Get 420 Caps – Rushing rooms, selling equipment and opening Lunchboxes will get this one done.

Deliver 16 Baby Dwellers – This is a pretty time consuming one. Thankfully I had enough females to get them all pregnant at the same time but you will need to wait for 4ish hours for them to come out. This is one you may want to consider canceling.

Collect 21 Weapons – This one can be done by having people hunt in the Wasteland or by opening Lunchboxes. This quest will get you an extra Lunchbox so it is worth doing. I had to have 2 guys in the Wasteland for 20+ hours to get this one done.

That will end the Fallout Shelter Side Objective Guide. I am updating this as I go so check back soon for more updates.

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  1. I’d mention, that objectives “Equip 2+ outfit/weapon” requires different items. I mean, you cant equip 1 dweller with a gun, unequip it and give to second one. You need to have 2 (3,4,etc) guns/costumes to fullfill mission

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