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Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks

Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks
The new Fallout Shelter game has you creating a vault and managing its population. The start of the game is easy but it quickly gets much more difficult. These Fallout Shelter tips and tricks will help keep you vault going for a long time!

Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks

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Don’t Be Afraid To Rush Production – Rushing is actually a good way to get some quick cash and experience for the Dwellers in the area. If you are low on resources or about to complete an objective just rush! There isn’t really any down side to it except maybe a fire and that actually nets you more EXP after you put it out. Just be sure to stack the room with as many Dwellers as you can before you rush it, that way more of them get EXP. This is also helpful if you start a fire. The more you rush the same room the more like a disaster will occur. If the percent gets to high just lay off that room until it dies down a bit. If you are going to use rush make sure it is AFTER a area produces, the timer will reset if the rush fails!

Put Dwellers In The Right Rooms – Each room you build will have a certain stat tied to it. For instance Living Quarters is Charisma based and the Power Generator is Strength based. When you click on a Dweller you will see the SPECIAL bars filled up to a certain point. What you want to do is put the strength based Dwellers in the Power Generator Room, and the Agility based dwellers in the Diner, and so on. Each letter of special makes up a different stat. S is Strength, P is Perception, E is Endurance, C is Charisma, I is Intelligence, A is Agility and L is Luck. Use that to help you assign your new Dwellers.

Expand On Your Areas – Basically what this means is connect you rooms. You can add on to any of the areas and make them bigger and more profitable. This also means when you upgrade the area it will be that whole section inside of just one room. You need to be careful with this though because larger rooms means more power draw. Try to upgrade one at a time so you can watch the power meter.

Equip Dwellers With Extra Equipment – Even if a Dweller isn’t out exploring you can still give them some armor or a weapon. The armor will boost their stats making them more productive in their areas. The weapon is good for when you get invaded by Raiders or have a Rad Roach infestation come through. You can also sell old equipment that you will not be using. To sell equipment, go to your storage menu and click the Caps sign.

Do Your Quests! – This is the best way to get Caps and to get rare Dwellers/Equipment. You should focus on doing the Lunchbox quests as soon as possible to make you early game easier. They are few and far between but you don’t need to pay money for extras, just wait it out. Once those are cleared you can focus on the other quests. The quicker you get your other quests done the quicker you can get more lunch boxes!!

Keep An Eye On The Dwellers Exploring – You don’t have to constantly watch a Dweller when they are out in the Wasteland which is nice. You will want to check up on them every now and then to see if they need a Stimpack or if they got any loot. Remember to equip them with gear before you send them out or they could die! When they have been out there long enough, recall them to get any loot they have found. Keeping them out longer will get you better gear but, it is also more risky.

How To Have A Baby In Fallout Shelter – This isn’t so much a tip as helpful info. When I first got someone pregnant I didn’t think she’d have a baby. I kept playing and exploring with my Dwellers and after a few hours(3-4 real hours) she FINALLY had her baby. Be patient and the baby will come. I think they stop sending you extra Dwellers UNTIL you get a baby also. I kind of hit a wall for those couple of hours. As far as I can tell there is no timer to tell when the baby is coming or not.

Have Multiple Babies At Once – Getting a few of your Dwellers pregnant at once can help you increase your population quicker. Be careful if you do this because pregnant Dwellers can’t deal with disasters. You also need to watch your resource production because once all the kids come you will consume more. Normally within the 4 hours it takes to have a kid you can build up enough to sustain all of them.

Equipping Weapons In the Vault – So far every Raider that has attacked me has taken the same path. in my vault. They hit my living quarters, then take the elevator and go left to my Diner. When Raiders attack, equip the room they are going to hit with weapons instead of dragging Dwellers to them. When they leave to the next room do the same thing there. I also do this when I am rushing a questionable % in case I get attacked by Rad Roaches. Also don’t forget you can increase the defense of the Vault door!

Avoid Having Empty Rooms – Empty rooms will attract Rad Roachs that will spread if not dealt with. To avoid this, place at least one Dweller in every room. I had it happen once and they literally invaded every room before I could get a handle on it. Just avoid it by keeping people in rooms.

Tips For Sending A Dweller Into The Wasteland – When you send a Dweller out to the Wasteland make sure they have your best equipment. You also want them to have as much endurance as possible so they don’t die quickly. I normally send my Dweller with 5+ Stimpacks and 5 or so Rad packs so they can survive. IF you plan on falling asleep make it more like 8 Stimpacks so they can make it back. The time it takes for a Dweller to come back is half the time they were out. Turns out they can hold more than 9 items, they just keep going.

Fallout Shelter Walkthrough

Babies And Resources – When a baby is finally born it will start to take up water and food. If you have 4 Dwellers pregnant you may need to prepare for this with more Diners or Treatment plants. You’d rather have extra resources when a baby comes.

Have A Gun In Each Room – I know this isn’t possible at first but later you will have alot of guns. this is really to prevent a Rad Roach infestation from breaking out. When they attack they will spread in about 10-15 seconds if you don’t engage them. Dwellers with guns can deal with this before it becomes a problem. If each room has one gun, then you don’t have to worry about it!

Raising Dweller Happiness – The best way to do this is by letting them dance together in the living quarters. After they dance you can pull them apart so they don’t have a baby OR let them have a baby and raise it even further! Make sure you have the resources for this first though.

Cancel One Objective A Day – You can cancel any objective you want by hitting the X on the left of the objective. You can only do this once so do it on something you don’t want to do. This is a good way to get to another Lunchbox objective.

Radio Studio – The Radio Studio is pretty unreliable unless it’s fully upgraded. If you stack a couple of high Charisma characters in there it will also make it work better. I kid you not, I had 0 Dwellers come from the Wasteland until I had it max level with two Charisma Dwellers in it.

Leaving Dwellers In The Wasteland – The longer your Dweller is in the Wasteland, the better the reward. I’ve had my current guy out for 18 hours and he has 18 items to bring back. Remember that it takes half the time to bring a guy back in from the Wasteland and if they die you LOSE the stuff. If you plan on having them out for awhile make sure they have alot of Stimpacks and Radaways. They do NOT take radiation damage or lose HP on the way back!

Heal When Raider/Rad Roaches Attack – You can use Stimpacks on your Dwellers in order to prevent them from dying. Zoom in on the room and click the Dweller you want to heal. Press the Stimpack button to heal them up. This will prevent them from going down. If they do go down, you can revive them for a certain amount of caps.

I am updating this as I play so check back soon for more Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks. If you have any tips be sure to leave a comment!

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    1. 1.) Make sure that the Food, Water, and Energy is average or above standards. 2.) Just give it some time. Do rushes, Level them up, Make them repopulate. Soon it’ll start rising

      1. still not rising.. have all three resources 100%, they are even equiped with clothes and weapons, they are in the room where there skill is best, but still 10% happieness

        1. Try another room type, there are for some skills different rooms.
          If you have a dweller with high A and he is not happy in the diner, put him into the garden.
          If that’s not the case they wan’t to go outside explore, so to make them happy send them to explore.

        2. Make them bang, or just place them in the living quarters for a while, like Sen Nario said 🙂

  1. when you’re adding a dwller to a room sometimes it’s a, for example: A:5 if their agility is 5 but some rooms show a +1. Is that because it’s full?

  2. So, if someone’s pregnant they don’t send more people? That explains why no-one is coming.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, because I wasn’t receiving anyone after I got my first pregnancy. But just a moment ago – and it’s been hours since the 1st pregnancy….and still no baby – I finally received someone. So you can still get people to come to the vault before your first baby is born.

    1. Tap the Pipboy icon in the lower right corner.
      Tap the icon that looks like 3 boxes.
      Tap on the weapon you want to sell.
      Tap the little arrow pointing at a cap.

  3. I got a mission to “increase Luck for 4 of my dwellers” how do you do that? I only had 20 when I received this mission…

    1. I had a similar mission that I couldn’t do. The reward was caps so I canceled the objective (You can do that once per day).

  4. Hey i got a quest to have 4 couples to dance in the living quarters but isnt the max 6 people because you can only connect 3 rooms?

  5. I have had a few women pregnant for about a day, and in this time a woman birthed a child and that child grew and has had 2 children

  6. I’m having a tough time figuring out how to give my Explorer a stimpack. I sent him out into the wide world with five in his pocket, and when I click on him in the list of Vault Dwellers, it gives me his comprehensive play-by-play of activity, the number of medical treatment items he has, his health and caps and new items… but no option to dose him with life-saving RadAway or Stimpack goodness. How do we keep our Explorers alive outside of tugging them back in when they get too low?

    1. When you drag them to the area to send them to explore you will notice + and – signs around their stimpacks click the + to send them with stimpacks.

  7. How do you get more people I’m stuck at 17 and I have up graded everything and have a capacity is 38, Any ideas?

  8. What’s the point in putting someone in rooms like Storage Room? I’m in the early stages of the game and don’t have any other E rooms, but I have some characters that have E as their highest stat.

    1. Um, I honestly don’t think storage rooms are necessary until later in the game, when you can afford to send out more people. I’d say that you should look at their second-highest skill, and then place them in a room that they can help most in 🙂

    2. I read in the help section that storage can be used to put dwellers in if you don’t have room for them. Like if you have the max amount of dwellers and one of the females are pregnant

    1. Luck, Strength and Intelligence have worked best for me up to now. Luck is best if you want to find better loot, more often.

  9. Right now I seem to be in a permanent water and food deficit, with a low amount of caps, which is causing my happiness to drop as far as 10%. Any advice to fixing this?

    1. Try to Rush production. You’ll get a nice amount of caps. In addition, I’d recommend that you upgrade water and food production rather than expanding them. The bigger the rooms are, the more dwellers you need to make it productive.

    2. Rather than focus on expanding in any way, try really concentrating on having a good team in each room. I expanded too quickly before I understood what a drain it would be on resources, and how spread-thin my dwellers would be. I also got all the women in vault pregnant to boost productivity once they were full grown. Hope that helped a little!

    3. It is better to start it over. Last time I suffer this as I have 9 childern and they drain so much resource. While I don’t have enough adult to provide resouces for them.

    4. When stuff gets bad, send people to the wasteland. They cant eat or consume water while in the wasteland. This can help at getting resource issues under control.

  10. I’ve had one dweller give birth, now 3 are pregnant but have been for over 12 hours, are the fathers supposed to stay in the room with the mother, what am I doing wrong?

    1. You might need more space for your people check you limit if it’s full upgrade the residence room or build a new one

  11. Is the pregnancy time different for each character? I’ve had 2 babies so far and 2 others are pregnant and have been for over 9 hours and still haven’t given birth.

    1. No, it should be a standard approx. 2 and a half to 3 hours per pregnancy, and about 2 hours for children to grow up. Maybe you do not have enough living space, or your populace happiness is low?

    2. Check to see if you have available room for the babies to be born. If all your living quarters aren’t upgraded you can upgrade them or build more to make room for more babies. Otherwise your ladies will be pregnant indefinitely.

  12. If you have pregnant females and don’t have the room (Bunkrooms) for more people, the baby will wait to be born until you build more bunks.

  13. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m relatively curious to know what purpose leveling up your vault dwelers serves. I understand that there are special rooms to boost SPECIAL stats, but what is it that the general leveling concept achieve? If someone could clarify this, I’d be immensely grateful 🙂

    My theories include: higher health, higher efficiency, or faster ability to level up SPECIAL traits in specific rooms.

  14. Are children’s stats affected by parents? I.e. should I be using a high stat character to impregnate everyone?

      1. I think it might average stats or randomly pick one like it seems to for appearance (hair color, etc.).

    1. I think so. If a parent is natively high in one SPECIAL. I found their child is also high in that SPECIAL too. Just don’t know if it is just a co-incident.

    2. All right, some findings:

      -If you want a new vault dweller with specific attributes choose the parents carefully, they will be born with the same job preferences as the father usually and take most of S.P.E.C.I.A.L from him too (the mother best attribute will also be taken into account).

  15. My guy’s been out for 12hours, got 12 items, not sure if thats the max but yeah article is wrong about 9

  16. Played it for two days. Already abandoned two vaults. I know I am a bad overseer :).
    Finally I find I have to rush the production whenever I have chance (27-34% risk is quite safe to rush)
    That generate a lot of money

    1. It’s hard at the beginning, but once you last a full day (start it on the weekends so you can devote a day), it pretty much runs itself.

  17. And I tried to put brother and sister in one room (give birth by the same couple). They will just say “Happy to have family here” and do nothing ha ha. So if you want to have more children. It is better each child is from different couple.

    1. But…you got over 3k credits from him. My guys die, but I figure if they can pay for themselves with what they brings back (I usually just put them out when I go to sleep) then it’s a win.

  18. I have only two guns so far. I wait till a radroach infestation and then tap someone in the affected room and equip them with a weapon. Once the event has been taken care of, I remove the weapon.

  19. I need help. The person who I got pregnant at the start of the game has not given birth in ages. My vault is a super happy place, averaging at 90% happiness. I have tons of space where I could fit people. Everyone is over 75% happiness most of the time, and a lot of them are at 100%. Why is this happening?

    1. You probably don’t have enough room for them. Go to the list of dwellers and see how many it says you have in the top left. example: 19/20

    1. Endurance is useful for lasting a long time without dying. Presumably intelligence or perception helps you get items. With my higher strength and/or level guys, I can take out stronger creatures. Not sure about the others.

    2. Luck may help you as well out in the wasteland. Not only when fighting but also in finding better items.

  20. I’ve got two vaults. There are 2 babies already in the new one. In the old one, there are 4 pregnant dwellers for 15 hours. WTF?

    1. You probably need to expand your living quarters to make more room for new babies. Otherwise the pregnant women won’t give birth.

  21. How do you get more than 15 stimpaks and radaways? There seems to be a limit i have the storage room and it doesn’t help. I don’t know if I want to waste caps making another room if that won’t help. My people make them fast and I’ve been wasting time having them in the room.

  22. Where do you get stimpacks? I’ve looked for them but never been able to find them anywhere. And when I try to click on the on my dwellers menu it has a zero beside it.

  23. What are the pros/cons of building a garden rather than another diner as a food source? There is a pretty big price difference, and I’m just wondering if it’s worth the investment. I built a nuclear power plant rather than the standard energy plant, and I haven’t noticed much of a difference other than it costs a lot more to build and upgrade with perhaps a slightly higher output? :/ Anyone have more solid details? I haven’t really thoroughly tracked numbers on them. Thanks!

  24. Hmm well the whole thing with when someone dies in the wasteland, if u revive them you get the items they had gotten back.. So just revive them. Lol… Or make sure they have sufficient stimpacks and Rad Aways.

    1. So I was told. Haven’t had a death in wasteland so not sure yet.. But I will be finding out soon now.

    1. Put non-related male & female dwellers together in a barracks/residence. They’ll eventually get to dancing….and then making babies.

  25. From what I’ve seen, dwellers in the wasteland don’t lose any items if they die and are revived

  26. What are the pros/cons of building a garden rather than another diner as a food source? There is a pretty big price difference, and I’m just wondering if it’s worth the investment. I built a nuclear power plant rather than the standard energy plant, and I haven’t noticed much of a difference other than it costs a lot more to build and upgrade with perhaps a slightly higher output? :/ Anyone have more solid details? I haven’t really thoroughly tracked numbers on them. Thanks!

  27. You don’t lose the stuff. If you die because I fell asleep playing and I went on and he was dead but you can revive em just like you would someone inside the vault. I think it is a slightly higher price to do so though.

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