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Alright so you’ve loaded up Fallout New Vegas and are looking to get all the achievements and trophies. You have to find seven Snow Globes in Fallout New Vegas and they are worth quite a bit of money to the right person. Follow this guide to find all of them!

Once you get to New Vegas you will be invited into the Lucky 38 casino by Mr. House. Once you get to the room with Mr. House you will see a robot with a female face named Jane. Talk to her and after picking the right options you will be able to sell the Snow Globes to her. If you kill her or make Mr. House turn on you, you won’t be able to sell the Snow Globes for a high price.

1. Goodsprings Cemetery – Found at the base of the tombstone near the water tower.

2. The Hoover Dam – On the desk in the visitors center.

3. Old Morman Fort – In Julie Farkas’ tower which is the westward most tower in the compound. Go upstairs and it is on a bookshelf.

4. Jacobstown – In the Lodge on the front desk.

5. Lucky  38 Casino – After you complete the mission ” You’ll know when it happens”  behind a cash register in the cocktail lounge.

6. Vault 21 – Inside Sarah’s room

7. Nellis Air Force Base – Go to Pete’s museum and on a table in the corner you can grab it.

Alright there you go, the seven snow globe locations in Fallout New Vegas. Hope you got them all and finished the achievement/trophy! Good luck and happy hunting.

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