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Far Cry 3 Guide: Letters of the Lost Location Guide

The Letters of the Lost Letters in Far Cry 3 are good to collect if you are into digging into the side quest stuff. This Far Cry 3 Guide will be your Letters of the Lost Letters Locations Guide so that you can see all of the little story bits. If you need any more help finding any of the letters, or just want to chat with us about Far Cry 3, make sure to hit us up in the forums or in a comment below.

To view each image, simply click to enlarge it. This will give you an exact version of the in-game Far Cry 3 Map and provide you with the exact location of every Letters of the Lost in the game.

Letters of the Lost Letter Location Maps
lost-letters-1 lost-letters-2 lost-letters-3 lost-letters-4
lost-letters-5 lost-letters-6 lost-letters-7 lost-letters-8

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