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Far Cry 3 Guide: Signature/Secret Weapons Guide

Far Cry 3 Guide: Signature/Secret Weapons Guide
Far Cry 3 is host to a variety of exciting and powerful weaponry but if you want an arsenal to be feared, you’ll want to make sure you unlock and discover all of the Signature/Secret Weapons. This Far Cry 3 Guide: Signature/Secret Weapons Guide will tell you how to unlock each of the Signature weapons, as well as basic details and information regarding stats.

Name: Bushman
Type: Assault Rifle
Unlock: Successfully disable all 18 Radio Towers
Notes: The Bushman comes with an Optical Scope, Extended Magazine, Suppressor and custom paint. The stats can be compared to the basic P146 but with small improvements across the board.

Name: Shadow
Type: Pistol
Unlock: Successfully take control of 17 Outposts
Notes: A custom 1911 with increased clip size, silencer and custom paint. One of the most accurate guns in the game and deadly in a stealth situation.

Name: Shredder
Type: SMG
Unlock: Find 10 Memory Cards
Notes: A custom Vector .45 ACP. Comes with a Reflex Sight, Extended Magazine and Silencer, and of course custom paint.

Name: AMR
Type: Sniper
Unlock: Gather 20 Relics. Use our Relics Guide.
Notes: Custom version of a Z93. Comes with High Power Scope and Extended Magazine.

Name: Bull Shotgun
Type: Shotgun
Unlock: Locate 20 Relics, again very easy with our Relic Guide.
Notes: Most powerful shotgun in the game, comes with extra ammo capacity.

Name: Japanese Tanto
Type: Knife
Unlock: Collect 6 Letters of the Lost
Notes: Automatically increases damage done in melee combat

Name: Ripper
Type: LMG
Unlock: Complete at least 6 Trails Of The Rykyat. Note: You don’t have to finish 1st.
Notes: Comes with Optical Scope and Extended Magazine, one of the most powerful LMG weapons in the game.

There are some other weapons available via Redeem Codes but the ones listed above are available in-game for anyone to collect. If you have any questions or you’re stuck trying to get one of these weapons, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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