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Far Cry 3 Guide: Path of the Hunter Mission Guide

At first the Path of the Hunter missions seem just like a little side thing that you can do in Far Cry 3. Completing certain Hunter Missions however, will give you very valuable special ingredients in Far Cry 3 that can be used to upgrade your inventory. This Far Cry 3 Guide will be your Path of the Hunter Mission Guide for all of the important crafting mission ingredients. Each important mission will have a map, the quest bored, and a picture of the animal so you know which one to shoot. It is always a good idea to stock up on the hunting syringes to identify, and then to power yourself up so you can do more damage. Also it is a good idea to upgrade the Recursive Bow with a sight. Syringes and a bow upgrade will make taking down animals much easier, especially when it involves tigers RARRRR.

Path of the Hunter Mission Locations Guide

Where to find Golden Tiger Leather:
Path of the Hunter quest item South of Amanaki Town at the Misquito Yard Outpost. You can use other weapons and items to damage the tigers although the finishing blow must be performed with the Recurve Bow or your Machete/Knife.

golden-tiger-leather-map golden-tiger-leather-quest golden-tiger

Where to find One Horn Buffalo Hide:
Path of the Hunter quest item. Far East side of the map, take control of the Outpost Camp Murder for the quest. Simple objective. Be sure to reload when you first grab shotgun as it only has a few bullets.

one-horn-buffalo-map one-horn-buffalo-quest one-horn-buffalo

Where to find White Belly Tapir:
Path of the Hunter quest item. East of Amanaki Outpost, Rust Yard. Takes 2 shots with the bow, not aggressive. Simple mission. A Hunters Syringe will make it so you can walk right up to the animal if you wanted too.

white-bellied-tapir-map white-bellied-tapir-quest white-bellied-tapir

Where to find Undying Bear Leather:
You need to take control of the Outpost Cradle Gas, South East of the Rush Yard. Another simple one, head to the objective and enter the cave. Only 1 bear here so shouldn’t be a problem taking it down. Requires about 5-8 shots.

undying-bear-map undying-bear-quest undying-bear

Where to find Black Panther Leather:
South East of Earnhardt’s Mansion. You need to take the Path of the Hunter Quest. There’s 2 Panther’s, take out the regular one first. The Black Panther takes 4 bow shots to kill, use the tall rocks to stand on if you need to heal.

black-panther-map black-panther-quest black-panther

Where to find a Yellow Necked Cassowary Leather:
AM 12, North East area of Northern Island. You will need to take control of the Outpost and grab the Path of the Hunter quest. It’s an easy one, keep your distance and take out the main one before going in.

yellow-neck-cassowary-map yellow-neck-cassowary-quest yellow-neck-cassowary

Where to find Blood Komodo Dragon:
Cliffside Overlook, you need to take the Outpost for the Path of the Hunter quest. Go to the objective marker. This is a simple one, there’s 2-3 Komodo Dragons, each go down in 2 hits. The red one takes 4 hits but enough distance and you’ll take it out before it gets close.

blood-komodo-dragon-map blood-komodo-dragon-quest blood-komodo-dragon

Where to find Man Eater Shark Fin:
The Man Eater Shark Hunter Quest is located at Kell’s Boat Repairs. You have to take out a shark with a Recursive Bow. Use a Deadly Hunter Syringe so you don’t have to put to many arrows into the shark. You should be able to hit it from the dock where you go to receive the bow.

man-eater-shark-map man-eater-shark-quest man-eater-shark

With all the special ingredients done that will end our Far Cry 3 Path of the Hunter Guide. If you need anymore help with any of the missions or just want to chat with us about Far Cry 3, make sure to hit up our forums or make a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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