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Far Cry 4 Karma Guide : How To Increase Karma

Far Cry 4 Karma Guide - How To Increase Karma
This Far Cry 4 Karma Guide : How To Increase Karma guide will list all of the ways we’ve discovered to increase your Karma levels in the quickest way possible. Increasing your Karma level provides access to certain guns locked via Karma, hire upgrades and reduced costs for items and ammo at Trading Posts.

It is also worth noting that you can learn a skill that increases your Karma based rewards by 5%, but it can be learned up to 10x. This skill is found on the Elephant tree on the 3rd line down. It’s the level 4 version of the skill line and cannot be learned until you unlock the Northern areas of Kyrat. This is available when you take the bridge during a Balance of Power mission for Amida.

If you have any information to add please post a comment and I’ll update the guide and credit your name. Cheers Heroes!

Far Cry 4 Karma Guide : Karma Levels & Experience Requirements

[columns count=’4′] [column_item]Karma Level 1 Exp : 1000
Karma Level 2 Exp : 1400
Karma Level 3 Exp : 1600[/column_item] [column_item]Karma Level 4 Exp : 1800
Karma Level 5 Exp : 2000
Karma Level 6 Exp : 2200[/column_item] [column_item]Karma Level 7 Exp : 2400
Karma Level 8 Exp : 2600
Karma Level 9 Exp : 2800[/column_item] [column_item] Karma Level 10 Exp : 3000[/column_item] [/columns]

Far Cry 4 Karma Guide : Karma Rewards

As you progress through the game and complete more Karma related tasks you will earn experience points and eventually, increase in level. There are a total of 8 Karma rewards from Karma itself, although Karma level can also unlock access to abilities and weapons.

Karma Level 1 Reward : Attachment Prices -25%
Karma Level 2 Reward : Guns For Hire Upgrades
Karma Level 3 Reward : Weapon Prices -25%
Karma Level 4 Reward : Guns For Hire Upgrades
Karma Level 5 Reward : Location Map Prices -25%
Karma Level 7 Reward : Ghale Homestead Item Prices
Karma Level 8 Reward : Collectible Map Prices -25%

Far Cry 4 Karma Guide : Mani Wheels

Mani Wheels are among the single largest sources of Karma points available in Far Cry 4. They are scattered across the map and can be made visible when you buy a Kyrat Items map.

Far Cry 4 Karma Guide : Random Events

There are also a surprising number of random events scattered across the map that reward Karma if you get involved. If you see the Karma symbol (purple diamond with a solid center) then be sure to investigate as most of them are very quick and just as easy.

Mission : Skirmish
Objective : Help The Rebels Right
Reward : 150 KP

Mission : Assassination
Objective : Kill & Loot The Target
Reward : 150 KP

Far Cry 4 Karma Guide: Minor Events

There are a few minor events that have an impact on your Karma level but these play very little part once you progress past the first few missions. I’ve included them below just for reference sake.

  • Clean Kill (With a knife or bow” on an animal nets you 25 KP
  • Killing a civilian/ally loses 25 KP
  • Completing certain achievements unlocks Karma bonuses. Example: Maxing all crafting items earns 450 exp (with bonus)

I will be updating this as I learn more.

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  1. Thought I would share that I am Karma Level 5 and it is saying I need 2000KP to reach the next level. I’ll try and add the additional Karma Level requirements as I go along.

    Level 6: 2000
    Level 7: 3000
    Level 8: 4000

    Also, I do not believe there is a karma level past level 8. Hope this can help update your guide.

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