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Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness Rescue Yokel Guide

Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness Rescue Yokel Guide
Rescuing your buddies in Vietnam unlocks them as a Gun for Hire in Far Cry 5’s DLC. This Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness Rescue Yokel Guide will tell you where to find Yokel as well as some tips on avoiding permanent death mechanics should Yokel fall in battle.

Unless you have missed one of the other two, Yokel is the last ally you will have to free. As before, it’s vital that you do not mess up the attack on the outpost. If Yokel is killed during the assault he is dead, permanently. You cannot revive him or help him up, he’s gone.

As such, it’s advised that you approach the area with extreme caution and avoid using any explosives or weapons likely to set the entire place on fire.

Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness Rescue Yokel Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness Rescue Yokel Guide Where To Find Yokel
It’s another relatively simple camp. It has an alarm that is difficult to take from a distance and a number of watch towers. Honestly at this point, I would just send your Gun for Hire in. Crouch, target the enemy and press the corresponding button to tell him to attack. The Gun for Hire is nearly impossible to detect and will get the kill for you nearly guaranteed, send him on the Commander in the area and then mop up the stragglers.

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