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Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide

Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide
Far Cry 5 has a variety of hidden side missions scattered around the landscape. This Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide will list all of the different Side Missions we’ve discovered including their locations, objectives and tips on how to find items you may need to complete each Side Mission.

Side Missions are optional activities in Far Cry 5 that offer further insight into the story and the characters of Montana while also rewarding you with some awesome goodies. This can include stimulants, weapons, skins, and more. Below is a list of all the Far Cry 5 Side Missions we’ve discovered as we’ve explored Montana including where they start and how to complete them.

Although they are also included as Side missions, we have a different guide for Clutch Nixon locations as they are tied to specific vehicle skin rewards.

Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide – John’s Region Holland Valley

Bear Necessities
Patriot Acts
Valley Armed Convoy
The Judge Moose
Free Larry
The Heros Journey
Close Encounters
Out Of This World

What They Carried

Cow Punching


Water Works

Special Delivery

Testy Festy

Prairie Oyster Harvest

Light Em Up

Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide – Jacob’s Region Holland Valley

Static Frequency

Nature Provides

Grand Slam

Mountain Armed Convoy
Tools Of The Trade
Gone Fishin
The Admiral
Flavor Country
Grill Streak
Call Of The Wild
Welcome Party
Turn The Tables
Shooting Gallery
Mint Condition

Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide – Faith’s Region Henbane River

Broken Path
The Judge Cougar
Our Better Angels
Quiet On The Set
River Armed Convoy
Ragnar The Terrible
False Idols
The Judge Bear
Blood Dragon 3
Whiskey River

We are updating this Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide with more Side Missions as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates.

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