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Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Guide

Leaders, Skills, Choices, All Explained

The Los Bandidos Operations is a rewarding mini-game in Far Cry 6. This Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Guide will explain everything you need to know the master the mechanics with information on recruiting Leaders, hiring more recruits, and successfully completing the missions.

Los Bandidos Operations is unlocked quite early in the story progress of Far Cry 6, once you either find a hideout with a Los Bandidos Operations station, or you can build one yourself at a hideout with free space. Once constructed, you can interact with the Los Bandidos Board to send out Leaders and Recruits to complete daring and rewarding missions. There’s a lot of Pesos to be earned here, and even a few strong weapons, so it’s well worth checking out and spending time on.

Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Guide

Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Guide
You begin with three Los Bandidos missions and a single Leader. As you recruit more Leaders and complete more missions, more will become available. Each is unique but functions very much the same. You must assign a Leader and wait the appropriate amount of time. Usually one, two, and four hours. Once the timer has run out you must return to the Los Bandidos board and instruct your leader on how to carry out the mission.

Assigning the correct leader is important. If you assign a leader with a skill that matches the skill requirement of the mission, the chances of success are huge. If you assign a leader without the appropriate skills, the chance of failure is much higher.

When you first start, you want to focus on completing missions using the highest chance of success, when each choice is given. However, there are some aspects you want to focus on, regardless of consequence. Look at the image above, you can see the reward for this is a Bonus Reward that gives more information on Leader Skills if successful. This means, the next time you check available missions, more skills will be available for each mission, thus making them much easier to complete.

Pay attention to Recruits. If you run out of Recruits during a mission, you will fail, so don’t jeopardize a large number unless you are on the final step. You want to make the safest actions earliest so if every action at the end of the mission is dangerous, you have the resources to solve it. There is also a chance the mission fails and the Leader becomes injured. You will have to wait for them to recover, which is about 36 hours, real-time.

Far Cry 6 Leader Skills

Here are a list of all of the Leader skills you can get in Far Cry 6. The skills themselves aren’t overly important, it’s just that they match up. For example, if you have a mission that shows the Surveyor skill, bringing a Surveyor will increase the chances of success by 50% if you have an objective that focuses on Construction. Likewise, for skills like Smooth Talker and Thrifty, one will give 50% increase in success when bribing, the other will reduce all Pesos requirements of a mission by 50%. Be sure to check out our Far Cry 6 Leader Guide to recruit all of the Leaders.

  • Surveyor (+50% Construction Success)
  • Sabotage (+50% Sabotage Success)
  • Smooth Talker (+50% Bribery Success)
  • Sniper (+50% Sniper Success)
  • Ghillie Suit (+50% Stealth Success)
  • Reckless (+50% Assault Success)
  • Constructor (-50% Metal Requirements)
  • Thrifty (-50% Pesos Requirements)
  • Inquirer (+50% Interrogation Success)
  • Field Medic (-50% Medicine Requirements)
  • Surprise (+50% Ambush Success)
  • Adaptive (+10% Success Chance To One Choice In Each Step)
  • Super Sneak (Choosing Stealth Rewards Additional Intel)
  • Long Shot (Choosing Sniper Action Rewards Additional Success)
  • Speed Demon (Reduces Operation Time By 25%)
  • Resourceful (-50% Gasolina Requirements)
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