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Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt Guide

Another Treasure Hunt in Sierra Perdida. This Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt Guide will give you everything you need to complete this Treasure Hunt including the location of the hunt, solving the puzzles within, and claiming the reward at the end.

[list style=’regular’] [list_item]Read the letter to begin the Treasure Hunt[/list_item] [list_item]Flip the first switch in the room with electrical flooring[/list_item] [list_item]Go to back left corner of the main room and follow it through for the second switch[/list_item] [list_item]After switch #2 take the ladder immediately behind for switch three[/list_item] [list_item]Switch four is found near switch three, shoot the lock off the door between the two shelving units[/list_item] [/list]

Far Cry 6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt Guide

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Read the note to start the Treasure Hunt. You learn that a young girl returned home to find her mother and father missing. Her friends suggest she celebrates her birthday anyway but she doesn’t fancy it. She wants to leave the birthday present in the warehouse.

Once you’re inside the warehouse, head through the area with the electric floor. Use the boxes to avoid touching the water and get across to the other side. Once at the other side, flip the switch. That clears the electricity, then flip the other switch. This turns on the music.

Then go back to the main room. Head to the far left corner and you see a door. Follow the route through, destroying the wooden board to progress. Then flip the other switch at this location. This turns on the lights. Turn around and climb the ladder. Follow the metal grating to find the third switch. Don’t drop down. Run to the metal grating the other side. You can see between two shelving units, shoot the lock off the door and then run back down and up the stairs to get inside to flip the final switch.

You get a MG42 LMG and a Unicorn.

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