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Handy Links To All Of Our Far Cry 6 Guides

Far Cry 6 features a massive open-world to explore, filled with adventure. This Far Cry 6 Walkthrough Guide Collection lists all of the Far Cry 6 guides here on Gamers Heroes so you can glance through the content and see what guides best suit your current goals in the game.

Far Cry 6’s open-world nature means players are free from shackles and restraints. They can immediately target Treasure Hunts hoping to find some great loot, seek out all of the Amigo’s so they’ve got companions along the way, or even take up a spot of fishing. There are so many different activities, so many choices to make, it’s a chaotic playground that Far Cry fans have come to love over the years.

Yaran Story / General Guides

Where to find DLC items
How to unlock co-op
Complete Yaran Stories Guide
How to feed Pelicans
What to do with the Mysterious Key
All AA Gun & Uranium locations
Where to find Lorenzo’s Children
Where to find Paint the Town Statues
How to clear checkpoints
Where is Duende Island
Base Upgrade Guide
Triada Relics Guide
How to hijack tanks
Where to find the unicorn

Vehicle Guides

Where to find a helicopter with Rockets
How to unlock the Wingsuit
Avispa Buzzer Location Guide
Where to find the flying car
Where to find the best plane
Where to find the best tank

Los Bandidos Guides

Complete Los Bandidos Guide
Los Bandidos Leaders guide
How to get more recruits

Powerful Weapons Guide

Where to find the Transubstantiator
Where to find the Zona-51
Where to find Bullseye
Where to find El Tirano
Where to find Heroic End
Where to find Snapshot

Fishing Guides

All fishing locations
How To Catch Fish
Where to get a fishing rod

Hunting Guides

All Mythical animal locations
All Animal Hunting locations
How not to damage meat
Where to get Sanguinario Pelt
Where to get Venodiente Leather
Where to get Mamutito’s Tusk
Where to find Demoniaco Pelt

Amigos Guides Guides

Complete Amigo guide
All Amigo locations
Where to get Boom Boom
Where to get Chicharron
Where to get Chorizo

Currency & Resources Guides

Where to farm Moneda
Where to spend Moneda
Where to get Industrial Composite
Where to get Durable Seals
Where to get Recycled Glass
Where to get Durable Plastic
Where to get Recycled Fasteners

Collectibles & Treasure Hunts Guide

Every treasure map in Far Cry 6
All USB Song Locations
Treasure Hunt Locations
Where to find all the Roosters

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