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Far Cry 6 Where To Find The Statues For Paint The Town

To unlock the last Far Cry 6 leader you need to complete Paint the Town. This Far Cry 6 Where To Find The Statues For Paint The Town guide provides a large map showing the location of every statue that you need to deface in order to complete this Yaran Story.

If you check the Leaders info it lists that the last Leader can be recruited if you complete Paint the Town in Esperanza. When you find the Yaran Story Zenia asks you to find 12 statues scattered around Esperazna. They are all within city limits, none of them are within compounds or challenge areas, so it’s just a matter of exploring until you find each of the statues.

Far Cry 6 Where To Find The Statues For Paint The Town

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Showing The Location Of All Statues For Paint The Town
When you get close to a statue, it will appear on your map as a yellow objective icon. This will remain until you deface the statue. Remember, when you find a statue, you don’t need to destroy it, you need to approach it and interact with it to deface it.

You do need to get quite close for them to register on the map, about 15-20ft. Most of them can be found on the ring round that circles around Esperanza, so it’s a good idea to start there. Take a vehicle and drive round to all the external points before venturing into Esperanza to find the ones inside the city interior. It looks like a bit of a maze but it’s very straight forward. You can’t use most of the roads, so it’s just a matter of following the paths once you get inside the city.

Once you have found 6 statues Zenia will call you, thanking you for your hard work. Once you’ve found all 12, you will complete the Yaran Story and unlock Zenia as a Leader.

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