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Far Cry Primal Animal & Beast Taming Guide – Where To Find All Animal Locations, Stats & Abilities

Far Cry Primal Beasts Taming Guide
One of the greatest new features in the Far Cry franchise sees the addition of taming beasts in Far Cry Primal. This Far Cry Primal Animal & Beast Taming Guide lists all of the animals you’re able to tame in the game, where you can find each of them and other information including their strength, speed, stealth and other added bonuses such as looting or gathering resources.

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The general technique to taming each of the beasts in Far Cry Primal remains much of the same throughout the game. When you have a general location of the beast explore the nearby vicinity with your Owl and use it to try and spot the specific beast you’re after. They usually stand out. Failing that just walk around and throw down some bait and see if anything responds. If it doesn’t pick it up and try again. If you’re hunting for a rare one remember that they leave scent trails behind that are visible when using your hunter sense.

You need to make sure you’re sneaking throughout the process, from the time you throw the bait to the time you attempt to tame. If the beast spots you and you’re not crouching they will attack or escape. If you’re unlucky enough to have to kill one, they do respawn. The fastest way to make them respawn is to go back to Your Village and sleep a full cycle. So if it’s day, sleep until night and then until day again. If it’s night, sleep until day and then until night.

There is a certain random element involved. Below are screenshots of every tamed beast location in the game, to be used as a reference if you’ve been struggling to find a specific beast. I found the beasts in the exact location marked by the player icon on the map but obviously they aren’t static so check nearby if you don’t spot them straight away. The more powerful ones are a lot easier to find anyway so don’t stress too much, you’ll encounter them all naturally as you progress.

The below screenshots are not the only place you can find these beasts, I simply included information relating to ones I found more than once and at the earliest opportunity in the game.

Far Cry Primal Beast Taming Skills

  • You must complete the first mission for Tensay before you can catch Canines
  • To unlock the Tame Wildcats skill you need to build the first level of Tensay’s Hut in The Village
  • To unlock the Tame Apex Predators skill you must tame 5 beasts
  • To unlock Tame Cunning Beasts skill you need to tame 8 beasts.

Below you will find information on each of the beasts that you can tame in Far Cry Primal. Remember to explore nearby the location of Takkar on the map and check the top of each image for whether or not it is night time or day time.

Where To Find All Beasts & Mounts In Far Cry Primal

Rare Dhole
White Wolf
Rare Stripe Wolf
Rare Black Jaguar
Cave Lion
Rare Black Lion
Brown Bear
Sabretooth Tiger
Cave Bear
Great Scar Bear
Bloodfang Sabretooth
Snowblood Wolf

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    1. As with all the animals there’s a random element but the best way to do it is to fast travel to an area marked on the map that includes the animal you’re looking for. Explore the area for a few minutes, fast travel to next area. I was never looking for a single animal for longer than 10 minutes using that method

  1. For some reason my game glitched and the last snowblood wolf is dead and it won’t let me complete this taming part. Is there any way to restart the mission?

  2. i cant find any jaguars and i have been where are supposed to be on the map and still nothing and i need to find some so i can get their skin

    1. I had this once. I shut down my PS4 then rebooted it and rejoined the game. That fixed it for me.
      Good luck

  3. I appear to have lost the ‘Save Wenja from Beasts’ mission outside the Charga Caves.
    I spoke to the girl who was in front of the newly discovered Charga Cave towards the north east of the map. She asked me to save the Wenja from some leopards.
    I then made the mistake (apparently) of dismissing the Leopard that was accompanying me. I now can’t find the mission the girl gave me.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Yes. When you accept the mission, the orange icon goes from where you accepted the mission, to where the actually hunt is located. So just look on your map for a similar orange icon with just a paw print, instead on a paw print with a “?”. It can be anywhere in the same region. Hope that helps. =) Edit: I can’t remeber the actual Icon, so it might not be a paw print, but something similar. Still orange and still without the “?” on the icon.

      1. Hi. Thanks for replying.
        Found it eventually. Strange I didn’t see it straight away. I wonder if there was some sort of delay before it appeared? Most odd. I could have sworn it wasn’t there before.

        I’m finding those orange icons you mention all over the place now. I also notice that it says Patch 3 now when I boot the game. It was Patch 2 yesterday.

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