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Far Cry Primal Ingredients And Skins Location Guide – Where To Find All Materials

Far Cry Primal Ingredients And Skins Location Guide
Far Cry’s trademark crafting system returns in Far Cry Primal and if you want to keep your weapons in tip top shape and your village safe for all newcomers, you’ll want to find all the ingredients when you need them. This Far Cry Primal Ingredients And Skins Location Guide – Where To Find All Materials lists the tips and tricks to find the locations for all materials and items you can find in the game.

At the beginning of the game I wouldn’t suggest you spend too much time grinding for resources, unless you really need them. As you progress a lot of the very basic items and resources will be added to your Reward Stash on a daily basis. Here are a few notes to keep in mind when grinding and searching for certain materials. This information is available in game but we’ve included screenshots for some of the rarer items and this saves you having to return to the village every time.

For the animal skin locations we listed ones that are either available very early or are easy to reach. Remember, if you’re searching for rare animal skins they can take a little longer.

Far Cry Primal Materials And Skins Locations Guide

  • Complete Saylas Hut Upgrade #2 as early as you can as this provides a lot of skins on a regular basis
  • You cannot collect Rare Feathers until you complete the The Craft quest for Wogah.
  • You must complete Sayla The Gathered quest before you can collect Rare North Yellow Leaves
  • When hunting for animal skins remember the exact location of rare animals is impossible to predict. Search locations listed and if not found just fast travel between locations with the specific animal you’re looking for.
  • Pay close attention to your map. The actual animal icons listed on the map change with the time of day
  • Turn off the animation in options for the quickest way to gather items
  • Build up your village population to get more daily goodies in the Reward Stash
  • Don’t ignore your Gathering skills. This helps you get extra meat, animal fat, animal hides, plants, and more. Get all the skills!
  • Take Bonfires and Camps as often as possible, this is a great way to bolster your daily rewards.

Weapon Resources Locations

Where To Find Animal Fat
Where To Find Hardwood
Where To Find Flint
Where To Find Animal Hide
Where To Find Bone
Where To Find Bee Cluster
Where To Find Clay Pot

Food Locations

Where To Find Meat
Where To Find Green Leaf
Where To Find Violet Leaf
Where To Find Blue Leaf
Where To Find South Purple Leaf
Where To Find North Yellow Leaf
Where To Find Rare North Yellow Leaf
Where To Find Red Leaf
Where To Find Rare Plant Root

Village Resources Locations

Where To Find Alder Wood
Where To Find Slate
Where To Find Reeds And Rare Reeds
Where To Find North Cedar And Rare North Cedar
Where To Find North Black Rock
Where To Find North Clay
Where To Find South Maple And Rare South Maple
Where To Find South Stone And Rare South Stone
Where To Find South Rock Dust

Animal Skin Locations

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