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Far Cry Primal Village Upgrade Guide

Far Cry Primal Village Upgrade Guide
As you explore the savage lands of Oros you’ll want to make sure you keep your home village up to scratch. This Far Cry Primal Village Upgrade Guide lists all of the available hut upgrades in the game, the rewards they offer and the materials required to build the upgrades.

Upgrading a village is a new feature in Far Cry Primal and opens a variety of additional content. Progressing through the main story you’ll encounter new people that you can invite back to your village, each bringing their own unique bonuses and benefits. Each person you bring back has their own unique skill tree, can unlock different crafting options and offer huge experience points bonuses for maxing their huts.

Far Cry Primal Village & Hut Upgrades

Takkars Cave Upgrades
Tensays Hut Upgrades
Saylas Hut Upgrades
Jaymas Hut Upgrades
Wogahs Hut Upgrades
Karoosh Hut Upgrades
Dahs Hut
Roshani Hut

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