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How To Fast Travel In Watch Dogs

How To Fast Travel In Watch Dogs

The map in Watch Dogs is pretty big and traveling by car can take up a lot of time. You can unlock the ability to fast travel to make your trips across Chicago much quicker. This article will help you find out how to unlock fast travel.

Fast Travel By Train

Watch Dogs Fast Travel

You can fast travel from train station to train station in watch dogs by going to a station. Just look at the map and select which other station you would like to be transported to. You do have to walk to the train station in order to use it but there are stations on every part of the map. You cannot use these during missions so once you unlock real fast travel they become a bit obsolete.

Fast Travel To Hideouts

You can fast travel to your hideouts by looking at your map and clicking on the fast travel icons. There are multiple hideouts in each area of the map and to unlock them you need to deactivate all the ctOS towers in the area. This will help you get from mission to mission a lot faster then driving from area to area. You can also use the hide out to sleep, change your clothes or bring down your heat. Fast travel CANNOT be used during a mission even if you are not in combat.

Now you can save a ton of time and get where you need to be quicker. Be sure to check back soon for more Watch Dogs guides!

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