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FFXIV Endwalker A Fisherman’s Friend Guide

Part Of The MSQ Has You Helping Matsya Sell Fish

During the Endwalker MSQ you will meet Matsya and he will ask you to help him sell some fish. This FFXIV Endwalker A Fisherman’s Friend Guide will tell you what happens when you make each of the different conversational choices when you encounter the different characters during the quest.

During the quest you will accompany Matsya to three different NPC’s around town, Mehrunnah, Nashreen, and Bhazahma. Each of them has their own little problem they’re dealing with but you need to figure out if you can sell them fish by selecting the right conversational option.

  • Each character has two dialogue choices you can make
  • We’ve outlined each of the dialogue options below and what happens when you choose each option
  • We’re updating this as we go but so far, we’ve found the “right” choices to make if you don’t want to sell any fish


If you choose Fish, Fish! I got fish here! Fresh fish, straight from the sea’s bosom to your mouth
You fail to make a sale

If you choose Greetings, friend. How fare you of late
He gives you a greeting and it moves on to the next choice.

There’s no place like home, but don’t do anything dangerous.
He says not to worry, he won’t.

Speaking of meals, why not some fresh fish today?
He says that he got baited and gives you some fish.


If you choose Amra Shmamra! My fresh fish is the only thing you need!
You fail to make a sale

If you choose What do you need so many amra for?
She explains that she needs to eat them.

You ask if she is actually hungry
She isn’t sure.

Do you like fish?
She does. She realizes you are a fish monger and sells you some fish.


If you choose Some fresh fish will settle your stomach, and mine are the freshest of all
You fail to make a sale

If you choose You should take it easier-eat more slowly and savor your food
He says he can’t be idle.

How do you intend to prepare?
He says by stockpiling supplies.

How about some fresh fish
This is the wrong choice, choose the other one.

At the end of the quest Matsya is happy for your help, this is the same whether you sell the fish or not.

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