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FIFA 12: Fast Exp For Be A Pro

Much like previous Fifa titles, Fifa 12 offers the option of creating and improving your Virtual Pro, with the main activity being the Be A Pro game-modes where you control one single player on a full squad. This guide is some basic information on how you can get Fast Experience Points for your Virtual Pro in Fifa 12. It also includes a step by step video

When you create your Virtual Pro you will usually find you have an overall rating of about 66, although this can vary depending on the position you choose. Regardless of whether you’re a Virtual Pro Goalkeeper or Striker, this Fast Experience guide will work for any position and can easily be achieved in under an hour, bringing your rating to 75-80.  All you need to do is to complete the Arena Achievements, a list of these Achievements can be found in the Virtual Pro menu under the Achievements section. There’s a large amount but for this Fifa 12 Fast Exp guide, you’ll just need to read about the Arena Achievements.

The Achievements can vary, you have things like; Score a volley, chip the goalkeeper, perform various star-rated skill moves, score 5 free-kicks, score a penalty etc. This can be a little time consuming unless you use the age-old Fifa trick of selecting sides. In Arena Mode, with 2 control pads plugged in, hit back/select and choose the select sides option, move your second player to the opposite team. For any Achievements that require you to score, simply use your second controller to move the goalkeeper out of the way, for the Score a Volley achievement, use the kick-ups option and shoot after doing a minimum of 2 keepy-upys, that will count as a volley. In a similar style for the chip shot, bring the goalkeeper to the edge of the box and simply chip the ball over him. This 2 player option works with 90% of the Arena Mode Achievements.

For the Achievements involving set pieces, simply hit UP on your d-pad to give yourself a free kick or penalty then use your second controller to move the goalkeeper out the way on a penalty, or free-kick. That’s about it for our Fifa: 12 fast exp guide, if there are any specific achievements you’re struggling with, leave a comment and we’ll help you out. Happy leveling.

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