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Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns Guide: Luxerion Code Guide

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During the main quest in Luxerion you will have to find a code that is hidden within the city. You need four numbers in order to unlock the gate to the graveyard in town. This guide will help you find the numbers so you can beat the quest. Let’s get started.

Graveyard Code


All the numbers are purple on the wall and you can normally see a group of people around it.

Between The Residences and the Warehouse district you can find the number 3 near the steps up to the Residences. Just look for the big crowd of people staring at the wall.

The number 7 can be found near the Canvas of Prayers down by the South Station railway. It is over in the corner next to the canvas and you should see some people swarming around it.

The number 6 can be found in the Commercial District at the wharf. If you look on the map it is the little path that goes off onto a dead end.

The last number is 0 and it can be found near the Warren. If you look at the E in Warren on the map you can see a little spot that juts off the map a bit. In that little spot you can find the number but the area is only open from 0-6am.

After that you can head up to the Forsaken Graveyard and use the phone to enter the code and progress in the main mission. The number is 3607. Once you enter the number the gate will unlock and you can finally enter the graveyard. You will fight some new monsters and have a boss battle so be sure to bring some potions in case you need to heal.

That will end the Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns Guide: Luxerion Code Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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