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Final Fantasy 15 Cooking Guide

Final Fantasy 15 Cooking Guide
Cooking is one of the more important skills in Final Fantasy 15. You start of with a few recipes but others are hidden and have to be found. Check out this Final Fantasy 15 Cooking Guide to find all the recipes and level up cooking fast.

Final Fantasy XV Cooking Recipes

You can level up Ignis’ cooking skill by creating meals at camps. It seems to be random on which meal gives the most EXP, I created a hard one and got a little bit and a medium one and got almost a full level. You can also just keep camping and power level if you have materials.

Chili Con Carne – You can get this at the Hammerhead Diner by eating it once there. It will increase your attack by 20 and HP by 50.

Spicy Long-Bone Rib SteakYou will need to get a Dual Horn steak by killing a Dual horn to unlock this. You get an Attack Boost level 5 and HP boost level 4 from this meal.

Garulessandwhich – I got this when I was just buying ingredients. If you buy Cleigne What this will unlock. If will give you an Attack Boost level 12 and an HP Boost level 12.

Mystery Meat Sushi – Had to buy two Luncheon Meats for this to unlock, Ignis has level 2 cooking as well. This one will give you an Attack Boost level 5 and an HP boost level 2.

Prairie-Style Skewers – This unlocked after Ignis reaches level 2 Cooking. Attack boost level 4 and HP boost level 4, Ignis was rank 2 for Cooking.

Multi-Meat Sandwich – This unlocked after I found some Aegir Root but it also takes Daggerquill Breast and a Gighee Ham. This one increases EXP earned by 20% and gives you a level 2 HP boost.

Dish And Chips – Get it from Kenny’s Fries at the Diner in Longwythe Rest Area. Ignis was level cooking 2 when I unlocked this. You get an increase to HP by 300 for eating this.

Kenny’s Original RecipeEat Kenny’s Salmon at the Diner in for this recipe. Ignis had level 2 cooking when I got this. Increases you attack by 150 and a 200 boost to defense.

Battered Barramundi – This is actually found without finding any ingredients. In Galdin Quay, next to the Bounty Boaard, there is a sign you can interact with. There is a recipe there that Ignis can learn, Ignis had level 2 cooking at the time.

Grilled Wild Trevally – You will need to catch a Trevally with Noctis before this unlocks. Ignis was level 3 cooking for me, but I think you can get it earlier.

Fisherman’s Favorite Paella – You can get this by eating at Galden. Ignis was cooking level 3 for me when I got it.

Meat-And-Beat Bouillon – I missed this one the first time I went to the area. There is a book in Prairie Outpost, on a crate near a black truck. Read it to unlock this recipe.

Garden Curry – This recipe can be found on a bench near the pumps in Galdin.

Final Fantasy XV Duscae Recipes

Triple Truffle Risotto – This is the first Duscae recipe I found. You need to find a Alstroom to unlock this, Ignis was cooking level 4 when I got it.

Characuterie On Toast – Another Duscae Dish, buy some Fine Gighee Ham to unlock it.

Toadsteak Drumsticks – I got this after I killed a Toad. You need Gigantoad Steak and Leiden peppers to unlock this.

Grilled Wild Barramundi – You will need to catch a Barramundi Fillet and have a Schier Turmeric for this recipe.

Mother And Child Rice Bowl – This is found in Lesallum, near the telescopes. There is a woman eating at a table near the telescope, walk up to her and Ignis will learn the recipe. This one is important because it gives a higher EXP boost.

Three-Mushroom Kebabs – You have to find a Malmashroom in order to unlock this meal, Ignis had level 7 cooking for me when it unlocked. You can find one inside the dungeon near Malmalam Thicket.

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