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Final Fantasy 15 Dungeon Guide – Crestholm Channels

Final Fantasy 15 Dungeon Guide - Crestholm Channels
Final Fantasy XV is home to a number of challenging dungeons that provide some of the most difficult content in the game. This Final Fantasy 15 Dungeon Guide focuses on the Crestholm Channels dungeon that features 2 epic boss fights, tons of challenging encounters and some good loot to boot. Completing Crestholm Channels is one of the requirements to obtain the special key that opens the special locked doors in all dungeons.

Where Is The Crestholm Channels Dungeon

Where Is The Crestholm Channels Dungeon

Crestholm Channels Dungeon Guide – Requirements

As with all of the content in Final Fantasy XV, you’re able to defeat enemies at a much higher level if you’re prepared. However, this often requires you to use tons of rare and expensive items. You’re free to challenge this dungeon whenever you please but we’ve highlighted some basic requirements that we followed to get through the dungeon.

  • Level 45
  • 4x Magic Flasks filled with high level spells and 99 of each Element for back up. (check out our guide to make the most powerful spells.)
  • Ability to cure/prevent Toad & Petrify
  • Reistance to Fire items (Not a requirement)
  • Food buffs

Crestholm Channels Dungeon Guide How To Open The Door – Finding The Switches

The vast majority of the dungeon is rather simple in design. Progress forward clearing enemies and moving from room to room. There is however a final boss, the Jormungand. In order to take down this beast you have to flick 4 switches to open the door inside the room with the Black Flan. The switches are very obvious when seen, large computer like machines with dials and switches.

Switch #1
Near entrance South East of the ladder

Switch #2
Not too far from the main entrance. After the first switch when you slide down to fight a Yojimbo, climb the small stairs opposite and follow the path around into a room.
Switch #2

Switch #3
Atop the large ladder after Black Flan fight

Switch #4
Switch near the area where you can lower the ladders to the entrance
Final Fantasy 15 Dungeon Guide - Crestholm Channels

Crestholm Channels Dungeon Guide – Monsters

Crestholm Channels is home to a number of different types of enemies, most of which have weaknesses, make sure to exploit them. Below is a list of enemies and information relating to their weakness.

Bussemand (Level 44)
Weaknesses: Great Swords & Machinery
Drops: Chance to drop Glass Gemstone for upgrading Engine Blade

Yojimbo (Level 46)
Weaknesses: Ice, Lightning

Gelatin (Level 35)
Weaknesses: Lightning, Royal Arms

Black Flan (Level 38)
Weaknesses: N/A

Imps (Level 44)
Weaknesses: Long Swords

Crestholm Channels Dungeon Guide – Boss Battles

Nagarani (Level 49)
Weaknesses: Lightning

This is quite a tough fight because of the small area and powerful AoE’s. There’s no sure-fire tactic to winning here just make sure you have the most powerful Thunder (9999 damage) spells available in good quantity and plenty of healing items. She is able to cast both Frog and Petrify so immunity to those will make this a lot easier.

Final Boss
Jormungand (Level 50)
Weaknesses: Blizzard
Drops: Chance to drop Glass Gemstone for upgrading Engine Blade

The final boss is a much easier battle than the Nagarani. There’s a high point for Noctis to retreat and plenty of space. Make sure to pay close attention to the boss when it starts to curl up as it builds up fire to unleash a huge AoE attack that will likely kill your entire team if you’re in range. Just stay at a distance making sure to use Blizzard spells whenever possible.

Crestholm Channels Dungeon Guide – Loot

Crestholm Channels Dungeon is home to some solid loot and one of the special doors you cannot open until near the end of the game. Below is a list of the loot we found with directions to find the more powerful pieces of equipment. You can also get the Glass Gemstone as a drop in here which upgrades the Engine Blade into something pretty kick ass.

  • Blood Sword (Inside the room with Imps)
  • Auto Changer (Up stairs after imps
  • Wyvern Lance
  • Knights Shield
  • Moogle Charm (Increases XP earned. After you flip all the switches return to the second switch and enter the area now open, there’s green tinted water pouring over the entrance)
  • Requirement to obtain the Dungeon Seal Key that opens doors hidden in dungeons

Check back soon for more dungeon guides!

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  1. when i stand at the very top of the pit where the nagarani is, i look down into the pit and see an item maybe 1/3 of the way down the pit but I don’t see any way of getting to it. Anyone know what that is or how to get to it? There was one room where I noticed a sewer that could only be warped into and I killed the enemies before I noticed it – not sure if that might be the way to that item. I don’t see that item listed in any guides because I got all the items listed in the guides…

    1. I am noticing the exact same thing! I have been trying to get to it for an hour. No idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

        1. nice, thanks! i totally missed that in the first run through even though I thought I had picked it up.

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