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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Choices And Consequences Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has choices that will affect your relationship with your party members. Check out this Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Choices And Consequences Guide to make sure you keep your allies happy.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Choices And Consequences Guide

We will break this up into chapters.

Chapter 1 Choices

I visited with my mom
Went To Tifas House

Chapter 2 Choices

These first choices are basically tutorials.

Aerith - Climb the Clocktower
Red - Watching for Shinra
Barret - Waiting for Seventh Heaven
Remember Chadly?
Pick Flowers Quest
Barkeepers Card
Becks Crew
Beck, Burt or Burke

Chapter 3 Choices

Offer to help Gabe
Wake up gently or with magic

Chapter 4 Choices

Barret - Junon Inn
Aerith - Junon Inn
Red - Junon Inn
Tifa - Junon Inn
Monster Meat or Bovine Meat

Chapter 6 Choices

Yuffie Choice - Costa Del Sol
Tifa and Aerith Outfit Choice/Beach Choice
Aerith Beach Choice
Tifa Beach Choice
Red Beach Choices
Barret Beach Choices
Yuffie Duel

Chapter 7 Choices

Barret or Yuffie Train Tracks

Chapter 9 Choices

Mushroom Choice
Tifa - Gongaga Village
Barret - Gongaga Village
Yuffie - Gongaga Village

Chapter 10 Choices

Barret- Cosmo Canyon
Red- Cosmo Canyon
Tifa - Cosmo Canyon
Yuffie - Cosmo Canyon
Aerith - Cosmo Canyon

Chapter 11 Choices

Aerith - Nibelhiem
Yuffie - Nibelheim
Red - Nibleheim
Barret - Niblehiem
Who is your foe?

Chapter 14 Choices

Aerith Market Choices

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