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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle Intel Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle Intel Guide
Battle Intels offer tough challenges for great rewards. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle Intel Guide lists all of the Battle Intel Reports we’ve completed so far, including details and help on how to get them done, the rewards, and how to get some fantastic Summoning Materia.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle Intel Guide

If you follow the main story you will eventually be introduced to Chadley, a young Shrina employee who wants to help develop brand new Materia. He provides you with regular Battle Intel challenges in the form of Reports. Each Report has an objective that must be completed. Once a Battle Intel Report has been completed, return to Chadley and he will express his gratitude for your help and unlock the Materia. Most Materia you have to purchase from him but others, such as Summons, are automatically unlocked without having to pay for them.

Report 01: Monster Bio Pt. 1

  • Objective: Assess 2 Enemy Types
  • Reward: Auto-Cure Materia
  • Tips: Use the Assess Materia on two different types of enemies.

Report 02: Magic Elements Pt. 1

  • Objective: Hit enemies vulnerable to Magic
  • Reward: Wind Materia
  • Tips: Use Assess Materia to learn an enemies weakness and then use a Fire, Lightning and Blizzard spell on enemies weak to each element

Report 03: The Stagger Effect Pt. 1

  • Objective: Use unique abilities on Staggered enemies and charge the ATB Gauge 10 times
  • Reward: First Strike Materia
  • Tips: Stagger an enemy and then use abilities, not attacks, to increase the ATB Gauge. Cloud’s Triple Strike works great for this

Report 04: The Stagger Effect Pt. 2

  • Objective: Stagger 15 Enemies
  • Reward: ATB Boost Materia
  • Tips: Stagger 15 types of enemies

Report 05: Combat Simulation: Shiva

  • Objective: Defeat Shiva
  • Reward: Shiva Summon
  • Tips: Use Assess on Shiva in-combat to learn about strengths & tactics

Report 06: Monster Bio Pt. 2

  • Objective: Assess 10 Enemy Types
  • Reward: Steadfast Block Materia
  • Tips: Get Assess to MAX as soon as possible, makes these tasks much easier

Report 07: Magic Elements Pt. 2

  • Objective: Exploit weaknesses of 15 enemy types
  • Reward: Steal Materia
  • Tips: Assess enemies, use elements they are weak against

Report 08: The Manipulation Technique

  • Objective: Defeat two or more enemies with a single attack
  • Reward: Provoke Materia
  • Tips: Holding Square in Clouds Punisher mode is an AoE

Report 09: Monster Variants Pt. 1

  • Objective: Defeat Monsters of 3 varieties
  • Reward: Synergy Materia
  • Tips: Complete all of the side quests and you will finish these in the process

Report 10: Combat Simulation: Fat Chocobo

  • Objective: Defeat Fat Chocobo
  • Reward: Fat Chocobo Summon
  • Tips: Use Assess to learn of tactics. Defeat the Tonberries and Bombs that show up as soon as possible

Report 11: Monster Bio Pt. 3

  • Objective: Assess 20 Enemy Types
  • Reward: Item Master Materia
  • Tips: MAX Assess makes this very easy. Assess every target you see

Report 12: The Stagger Effect Pt. 3

  • Objective: Increase Stagger Damage to 300%
  • Reward: Parry Materia
  • Tips: WIP

Report 13: Refocus Analysis

  • Objective: Trigger Refocus 2 times
  • Reward: ATB Assist Materia
  • Tips: Use the Refocus Limit Break (Aerith has the Refocus Materia)

Report 14: The Stagger Effect Pt. 4

  • Objective: Stagger 40 Enemy Types
  • Reward: ATB Stagger Materia
  • Tips: Stagger everything you see

Report 15: Combat Simulation: Leviathan

  • Objective: Defeat Leviathan. Unlocks when you reach Chadley in Shrina HQ
  • Reward: Leviathan Summon Materia
  • Tips:

Report 16: Monster Bio Pt. 4

Report 17: Weapon Abilities

  • Objective: Acquire all 16 Weapon Abilities
  • Reward: Skill Master Materia
  • Tips:

Report 18: MP Consumption

  • Objective: Master All 12 Types Of Magic Materia
  • Reward: MP Absorption Materia
  • Tips: Reach max rank with Healing, Cleansing, Revival, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Poison, Barrier, Binding, Subversion, and Time. Use the AP Materia to speed it up
    a little. Repeat the 3 man Colosseum battles.

Report 19: Monster Variants Pt. 2

  • Objective: Defeat 10 monsters of unique varieties
  • Reward: HP Absorption Materia
  • Tips:

Report 20: Combat Simulation: Bahamut

  • Objective: Defeat Bahamut
  • Reward: Bahamut Materia
  • Tips: You must complete all other Battle Intels to get this unlocked. I switched to easy to beat this one, he destroyed me on normal.
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