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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Choose No Promises Or Not Happening

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Choose No Promises Or Not Happening
During your stay in Sector 7 of final Fantasy 7 remake, Jessie will eventually ask you to come see her another time. Check out this Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide to find out what happens if you choose No Promises or Not Happening. Wouldn’t want to miss out on some extra dialogue and loot now would you?

Unfortunately, like many of the choices in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, this one doesn’t appear to have any lasting consequences. It’s more about developing Clouds personality in a way that appeals more to you. The choice doesn’t impact Jessie’s decisions later in the game or have any other meaningful impact. It just depends on which encounter and dialogue you would rather hear. There’s no clear right or wrong decision in this case.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Jessie Choice And Consequence Guide

Not Happening
No Promises

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