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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Location Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Location Guide
Want to learn all the Enemy Skills Materia abilities? This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Location Guide tells you where to find each monster that has an Enemy Skill that, when equipped with the Enemy Skill Materia, can be learned by one of your characters and used in future battles.

Enemy Skills Materia is one of the most popular Materia from the original Final Fantasy 7. It makes somewhat of a return in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but moreso in spirit than actual function. There are only 4 different Enemy Skills that you can learn and most of them are situational at best. I rarely found a reason to use an Enemy Skill over an ability or magical materia, ATB is just too valuable. However, you can be the judge of that with the location of all 4 Enemy Skills featured below.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Location Guide

Varghidpolis – Spirit Syphon
Drain HP from surrounding enemies.
Can be learned from Varghidpolis. You can find them in the Shinra Testing Facility in Chapter 14. Part of the side quest that begins in the park

Self Destruct
Deals large AoE damage and incapacitates user.
Can be learned from Smogger In the Shinra Battle Simulator Fight Three-Person Team Vs. Team Ragbag (Chapter 16, Shinra Building)
Can be learned from Bomb in Hojo’s Lab Simulator post-game

Cerulean Drake – Algid Aura
Can be fought in the Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback (4 Star) battle at the Colosseum

Bad Breath
Deals large AoE status effects
Can be learned from the Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend in Hojo’s Lab Simulator post-game

That’s all of the Enemy Skills in FF7R. It’s a bit on the low side but hopefully there will be plenty more in future episodes of the game.

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