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Final Fantasy 7 Remake How Much Or I’m Good

Final Fantasy 7 Remake How Much Or I'm Good
When you first meet Aerith, she offers you a flower. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake How Much Or I’m Good choice guide will tell you what happens if you choose to ask how much or if you choose to deny the gift with I’m good. The original Final Fantasy 7 didn’t feature many choices that had lasting consequences but FF7R may do just that.

In the earlier stages of the game you are given a couple of choices. For example, when you’re running through the first Mako Reactor mission, Cloud is given the choice on what timer to set. You can set either a 20 minute or 30 minute timer. So far, the only consequence to that action, is an immediate response from Barret. Once you complete the Reactor mission, you’ll run into Aerith a short while later, and she will give you another choice.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake How Much Or I’m Good

If you choose How Much?
If you choose How Much, Aerith says the price depends on the customer. In Cloud’s case, the flower is on the house. She explains that lovers used to give yellow flowers when they were reunited. Cloud goes on to explain he’s involved in dangerous activities and warns Aerith to keep her distance. You then fight a group of Shinra soldiers and Aerith flees.

If you choose I’m Good
If you choose I’m good, Aerith will say don’t be like that and Cloud will ask how much? Aerith says that it is free and you get another choice.

Don’t be Stupid
Cloud will offer 2 gil and then 5, but Aerith says it is a real flower so it is worth more. Then she realizes cloud is trying to just get rid of her and gives him the flower for free anyways. Shinra guys come and attack Aerith runs after saying it was nice meeting you.

Fine I’ll Take it
You end up getting the flower for free from Aerith. Afterwards, Shinra goons pop up and attack you while Aerith flees.

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