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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quests Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quests Guide
FF7R is filled with odd jobs and side quests with interesting rewards. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quests Guide lists all of the different side quests we’ve discovered in the game, including which chapter they can be found and how they can be completed the easiest.

This is very important. When you complete the game there is a Chapter Select option to return and finish things you missed. However, you have to replay from the start of the chapter. As such, I highly suggest completing everything as it comes. When you get a new side quest, complete them all before moving on with the story. Likewise when you reach the Coliseum.

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Quests

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum Quests
1. Chadley’s Report
  • Speak with Chadley after you are introduced to X in the story
  • Scan two enemy types with Assess Materia
  • Return to Chadley

2. Rat Problem

  • Speak with Item Shop Owner inside the Item Shop
  • Head to the location and kill all the rats
  • Leave the area and return to kill the Doomrats

3. Nuisance In The Factory

  • Speak with the Junk Dealer
  • Head to the Factory and speak with the worker at the gate
  • Enter and clear out the enemies
  • If you find the locked door, worry not. You will gain entry on the Just Flew In From The Graveyard quest.

4. Lost Friends

  • Speak with Betty at the park in Sector 7
  • You can use this map to find all of the cats
  • First, it’s outside Seventh Heave
  • Then South East of Seventh Heaven
  • Then near the large cat compound, speak with the lady just outside

5. On The Prowl

  • Complete 2. Rat Problem
  • Speak with Wymer
  • Chase down the enemy and kill it
  • Use Pun

6. Just Flew In From The Graveyard

  • Complete 3. Nuisance In The Factory
  • Return to the Factory area and speak with Gwen
  • Enter the Factory, destroy boxes to find the key
  • Go through the door and defeat the Drake

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Quests

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Quests

7. The Mysterious Moogle Merchant

  • Speak with the Moogle Merchant
  • Purchase a Membership Card with a Moogle Medal

8. Kids On Patrol

  • Speak with the lady outside the orphanage
  • Track down 5 kids, they have a wooden sword on their back (map).
  • Defeat the Toad King

9. Weapons On A Rampage

  • Speak with the NPC on Stations Way
  • Locate and defeat the enemies (map)

10. A Verified Hero

  • Complete 8. Kids On Patrol.
  • Head to the kids hideout

11. The Angel Of The Slums

  • Complete 10. A Verified Hero
  • Head into the Community Center and speak with the traveler lady
  • Defeat the enemy and take the calling card

12. Paying Respects

  • Complete 9. Weapons On A Rampage
  • Speak with the old man outside the weapon store
  • If you haven’t already, buy the Graveyard key from the Moogle Shop
  • Go to the graveyard and kill the enemies

Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Quests

Chapter 9 The Town That Never Sleeps Quests
I am not entirely sure what influences this Chapter. I had to come back after completing the game and I got an entirely different set of side quests, so it may not be possible to find them all in a single run through, you may have to return to this chapter post-game. That is also why there are two quests labelled as 14 and 15.

13. Burning Thighs

  • Head to the gym and speak with the NPC
  • Win the first round of the Squats mini-game

14. The Price Of Thievery

  • Speak with the Stablehand and The Angel of the Slums near Sam’s Chocobo station after you leave Aerith to get changed.
  • Head to the collapsed Expressway
  • Take out the bandits

14. The Party Never Stops

  • Speak with the owner of the clothes shop
  • Talk to Johnny after you leave the shop and then head to the bar
  • Speak to the man that owns the Materia Shop
  • Go to the vending machine at the Inn
  • Use the Assess Materia
  • I got Vitalabrew, then use it again for the Crimson Spike
  • Finally, use it for The Sauce and return to the Materia Shop
  • Then head to the Restaurant
  • I had level 3 Fire so I chose the Stove (Fridge corresponds with Ice, Power Supply is Lightning)
  • Follow Johnny and give him the Medicine from the Pharmacist
  • Next up is Cleansing Materia, mine was only level 1 but it done the trick
  • The person is in the toilet in the bar
  • Go back to the Item Shop then back to the old man in the bar
  • Then return back to the shop

15. Shears Counterattack

  • I’m not entirely sure what triggered this, I had to choose Chapter Select to return once I completed the game
  • I did just complete all of the Colosseum challenges available at this time
  • Head to Madam M’s after completing previous quests and the Gatekeeper comes out
  • Then head to the Colosseum and do the battle

15. A Dynamite Body

  • Complete 13. Burning Thighs and 14. The Party Never Stops
  • Go to the Colosseum
  • Win the fight

Chapter 14: In Search Of Hope Quests

Chapter 14 In Search Of Hope Quests

16. Missing Children

  • Speak with Ms Forbes outside the kids hideout in Sector 5 Slumbs
  • Head to the nearby graveyard and defeat the Phantoms

17. Chocobo Search

  • Speak with the Chocobo Stablehand outside Sector 5 Slums
  • If you speak with Sam he gives you clues. One’s in Sector 5, one near the fallen Expressway and the last, by the Church
  • You can find the first Chocobo here
  • The second one can be found near the church, here
  • And finally, you can find the third Chocobo, here

18. Malicious Goons

  • Speak with Madam M in Wall Market
  • Head back to Sector 5, there’s a fight in the area near Aerith’s house
  • Defeat the Tonberry

19. Wavering Heart

  • Speak with Andrea in the gym in Wall Market
  • Beat him in Pull Up competition

20. The Power Of Music

  • Speak with Betty by the Jukebox in Wall Market
  • You need to play 16, 12 and 30
  • 16 can be found inside the Inn in Wall Market. Speak with the man with the mustache
  • 12 can be purchased from the store inside the Coliseum
  • 30 can be found in a small alley right next to Honeybee Inn
  • If you’re struggling, check out our Power of Music guide.

21. Secret Medicine

  • Speak with the Doctor near the Orphanage
  • You buy the Moogle’s Mortar from the Moogle Emporium
  • The Behemoth Horn is from 24. Subterranean Menace quest
  • Medicinal Flowers can be found at the Church where you find Kyrie for quest 22

22. Tomboy Bandit

  • Speak with Johnny at Sector 5 Undercity Station (map)
  • Walk all the way up to the Church and speak with Kyrie
  • Go to the arena and win the special contest
  • Return to Kyrie then deliver the wallet to Johnny

23. Corneo’s Secret Stash

  • Speak to the reporter standing by the fence just North Sector 5 Slums Center District
  • Head to the Angels hideout. After you speak to the lady pick up the note on the floor behind her
  • Head to the Church, you will meet Johnny on the way for Tomboy bandit quest
  • After you speak with Kyrie at the church. Go to the arena and win the special contest
  • Return to Kyria to get the key
  • You then have to find all of the stashes. (check out our Corneo Hidden Stash Guide for everything you need)

24. Subterranean Menace

  • Speak with Wymer at Evergreen Park and then head into the Underground
  • Follow the path through to the very end and defeat the beast (tough fight, use Assess and follow the instructions)

That’s every side quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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