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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapon Abilities Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapon Abilities Guide
Weapons have latent abilities in FF7R. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapon Abilities Guide tells you where to find each type of weapon, the weapon abilities associated with the weapon, and how you can unlock the latent power of the weapons to make them permanent abilities.

Once you reach Seventh Heaven and have Tifa escort you around town, you’ll eventually pick up some mercenary work taking down some monsters. Once these are cleared out, and after you have delivered the Water Filters, you can speak with the Weapon Shop owner to buy and sell weapons. Weapons that you equip earn proficiency over time. Once a weapon is fully proficient, the ability it offers is unlocked permanently, whether the weapon is equipped or not.

Cloud Weapon Abilities

Weapon NameWeapon LocationWeapon AbilityEffect
Buster SwordStarting WeaponFocused ThrustLunging attack multiple blows
Iron SwordSector 7 Weapons ShopTriple SlashAttacks three times at three targets
Nail BatComplete 8. Kids On Patrol QuestDisorderPowerful attack and instant stance change
HardedgePurchase from Wall Market Weapon ShopInfinity's EndCosts 2ATB. Cloud's most powerful single target ability
Mythril SaberPurchase from Wall Market Weapon Shop in Chapter 14 Blade BurstNon-elemental ranged attack
Twin StingerAfter you meet up with Red XIII and Barret. A chest after the room with the fightCounterstancePrepares a counter for strong damage

Tifa Weapon Abilities

Weapon NameWeapon LocationWeapon AbilityEffect
Leather GlovesStarting WeaponDivekickPowerful leap kick
Metal KnucklesDefeat Crab Warden bossOverpowerEnhances basic attacks
Sonic StrikersIn a chest in Mako Reactor 5 - B5 (map)Focused StrikeEvades then hits back for decent stagger
Feathered GloveInside a chest in the sewers in Chapter 10. After you raise the gateStarshowerRapid combination of attacks, increases strength of next attack
Mythril ClawsDefeat Failed Experiment Boss in Chapter 13Chi TrapCreates a static orb that damages enemies
Purple PainChapter 16. Shinra Building. After Tifa falls, before you climb the ladder, you will see it.True StrikePowerful attack. Huge bonuses to stagger damage

Barret Weapon Abilities

Weapon NameWeapon LocationWeapon AbilityEffect
Gatling GunStarting WeaponFocused ShotConsumes all ATB, powerful single target shot
Light Machine GunGiven to Barret at the start of Chapter 7LifesaverTakes damage in place of allies
Big BerthaSector 6 Slums Weapon Shop (Chapter 13)Maximum FuryUnleashes all ATB in a flurry of bullets
Steel PincersPurchase at the Moogle Emporium (Chapter 14)Charging UppercutIncreases charge, rushes forward with huge blow
Wrecking BallComplete 24. Subterranean Menace questSmackdownSends nearby enemies flying
EKG CannonChapter 16, Shrina HQ. After you meet with the Mayor, speak with his assistant Hart and pay the 10,000 Gil for the informationPoint BlankConsumes all ATB to deliver close-range attack and send enemies flying

Aerith Weapon Abilities

Weapon NameWeapon LocationWeapon AbilityEffect
Guard StickStarting WeaponArcane WardDouble casts any spell cast within the ward
Silver StaffPurchase from Moogle Medal StoreSorcerous StormSmall area of effect damage spell, high damage
Arcane ScepterComplete 15. A Dynamite Body QuestFleeting FamiliarSummons a fairy that attacks periodically
Mythril RodFound inside a chest in the Train Graveyard. The chest is near the vending machine at the start, on the other side of the fence.Ray Of JudgmentFires energy burst that hits multiple times. Raises Stagger bonus
Bladed StaffSteal from Eligor boss in Train GraveyardLustrous ShieldConjures a magical shield
Reinforced StaffAerith's Room in Shrina HQ. Can't miss it.ATB WardSummons small area, replenishes some ATB for allies stood inside
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