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Final Fantasy Explorers Crystal Surge List

Final Fantasy Explorers Crystal Surge List
In Final Fantasy Explorers you can use what is called a Crystal Surge to power up certain moves and abilities. There are quite a few Crystal Surges, and until you use them you don’t know what they do. Check out this Final Fantasy Explorers Crystal Surge List for more details!

How To Get The Crystal Surge You want In Final Fantasy Explorers

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You can change your Crystal Surge abilities if you want to have some better ones. All you need to do is to use some sort of multi hit ability like Thunder on a Mage. You can also just build up the meter more to switch up the Crystal Surge Abilities also, just take longer this way.

Final Fantasy Explorers Crystal Surge List

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Slash Affinity: Mutations Given – Slash, Death – Elevates Resonance and slash effect and causes attacks to inflict Death.

Strike Affinity: Mutations Given – Strike, Confuse – Elevate Resonance, strike effect and causes attacks to inflict Confusion.

Thrust Affinity: Mutations Given – Thrust, Fog – Elevate Resonance, thrust effect and causes attacks to inflict Fog.

Shot Affinity: Mutations Given – Shot, Disable – Elevate Resonance, shot effect and causes attacks to inflict Disable.

Fire Affinity: Mutations Given – Fire, Burn – Elevate Resonance, fire effect and causes attacks to inflict Burn.

Ice Affinity: Mutations Given – Ice, Freeze – Elevate Resonance, ice effect and causes attacks to inflict Freeze.

Thunder Affinity: Mutations Given – Thunder, Paralyze – Elevate Resonance, thunder effect and causes attacks to inflict Paralysis.

Earth Affinity: Mutations Given – Earth, Immobilize – Elevate Resonance, earth effect and causes attacks to inflict Immobilize.

Wind Affinity: Mutations Given – Wind, Sleep – Elevate Resonance, wind effect and causes attacks to inflict Sleep.

Water Affinity: Mutations Given – Water, Silence – Elevate Resonance, water effect and cause attacks to inflict Silence.

Light Affinity: Mutations Given – Light, Slow – Elevate Resonance, light effect and cause attacks to inflict Slow.

Dark Affinity: Mutations Given – Dark, Blind – Elevate Resonance, dark effect and cause attacks to inflict Blind.

Combo Boost: Mutations Given – Combo Factor – Unlocks combos, damage goes up as hit count goes up the Combo Counter.

Tonberry Karma: Mutations Given – Carnage Factor – Deal damage in proportion to enemies killed during the quest you are on. I think this basically means, more enemies killed, more damage this buff gives you during the quest.

1,000 Needle Mode: Mutations Given – Critical Power Up – Each hit deals 1,000 damage (10,000 for crits) and gives a Critical power up.

Immunity Shock: Mutations Given – Poison, Debuff Factor – Emit an invisible fog that greatly increases ailment affliction rate and damage to ailing foes. Increases the damage done by poison and will try to poison enemies.

Undermine: Mutations Given – Element Resistance Up/Down – Change all elemental resistances to the lowest for resistance for foes and to the highest for allies.

Critical Star: Mutations Given – Critical rate up, Exploit weakness – All hits are critical.

Bypass Buffs: Mutations Given – Remove ailments, Remove buffs – Nullify further status effects and status changes.

Giant: Mutations Given – Malice Accrual Up, Area Of Effect Up – Enlarge yourself, draw more malice and increase abilities’ AOE(Area Of Effect Attacks).

Superarmor: Mutations Given – Physical Def up, Magic Def up – Halve damage and prevents knockback when attacked..

Damage Screen: Mutations Given – Atk down, Magic Atk down – Prevent damage you take from exceeding 200. This one is good for when you want to heal up.

Agony: Mutations Given – Physical Def down, Magic Def down – Increase all damage, including poison and burning.

Hyper Speed: Mutations Given – Haste, Cooldown Reduction, Instant Cooldown – Move faster, sprint longer, reduce ability cooldowns.

Final Fantasy Explorers Crystal Surge List

Hyper Recovery: Mutations Given – Boost recovery effects – Boost recovery effects, reduces ailment duration and regenerates health when you get low.

Magic Breakout: Mutations Given – Magic Attack Up – Catalyze the magic in your surrounding, causes damage from magical sources to soar.

Angel’s Litany: Mutations Given – Float, Reraise – Float and ensure 1 hp remains after lethal blow.

Fleeting Dream: Mutations Given – Create image, Multi-hit – Evade all frontal attacks and add an extra hit to your normal attacks.

Rear Strike: Mutations Given – Back attack – Increase damage and stun value when hitting enemies from behind.

Eye of Medusa: Mutations Given – Stone, Front attack – Frontal attacks cause stone or at least some kind of ailment.

Megadrain: Mutations Given – HP Absorb, AP Absorb – Add hp and ap drain to all of your attacks.

Defense Void: Mutations Given – Bypass defense – Sacrifice strength to reduce enemies defense and resistances to 0.

Moment’s Respite:
Mutations Given – Stop, Duration Up – Attacks inflict stop and some buffs last longer.

Top Form: Mutations Given – HP Power Factor, Buff Factor – Effect of abilities rises with your hp and number of buffs you have. I think this means the more HP you have the more damage you do with this one on.

Rock Bottom: Mutations Given – HP Inverse Factor, AP Inverse Factor – Effect of abilities get stronger as your hp and ap get lower.

Twofold Return: Mutations Given – Reflect – Reflect magic, if you take physical damage, deal twice back.

Stealth: Mutations Given – Invisibility, Malice accrual down – Become invisible, no malice gained with attacks.

Burst Of Resonance: Mutations Given – Resonance Boost, Resonance Factor – Accumulate resonance more quickly and improve it’s effects.

Heightened Trance: Mutations Given – Trance Boost – Fill trance gauge faster and increase its effects.

Endless Link: Mutations Given – Link Ability, Instant Cooldown – Use crystal power to economize movement, letting you cancel out of any ability.

Supersnipe: Mutations Given – Range up, Range Factor – Boost range of projectiles and magic, they gain power with distance traveled.

I am updating as I go so check back soon for updates!

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